Play Nine

by | Apr 22, 2023 | Lifestyle

Play Nine The Card Game of Golf Is Available on Smart Devices

LOS ANGELES, CA. –  Bonfit America Inc., an incubator, manufacturer, and distributor of unique products, announced today that the company’s highly popular Play Nine, The Card Game of Golf, can now be played on iPhone, iPad, and Android-based devices. The new easy-to-download application (APP) allows friends and family to play online together thanks to the multiplayer game modes. (Play with Friends and Multiplayer)

Play with Friends. The new APP can be played exclusively with friends and family. A shared game code will connect all invited players, and the custom game setup allows the whole family to participate. The live in-game chat feature keeps the fun, excitement, and competition going.

Multiplayer. Players can challenge fans from around the world. This inclusive option allows people to join an available game or create their own.

Offline. Players can challenge the Ai bot offline. With unlimited FREE gameplay, players will have endless fun honing their skills and winning in-game prizes. The game can pause whenever allowing players to pick up where they left off. Multilevel game bots are available according to the skill of the player.


Play Nine APP can be downloaded for iPhone and iPad on the Apple App Store or for Android on the Google Play Store.

Play Nine App Features

  • Easy to learn and simple to play.
  • Safe family golf game for everybody.
  • FREE tickets for multiplayer games against your friends and family.
  • Collect coins by winning games and earning achievements.
  • Win BIG by using coins in multiplayer games.
  • Use coins to buy multiplayer tickets and other future items.
  • Play offline in Airplane Mode.
  • Playtime: 15-20 minutes.

Gameplay. Just like golf, the game’s objective is to take as few strokes as possible. Limit the strokes by matching pairs and getting a Hole-in-One. Take the fewest strokes and go for the lowest score after 9 holes.

“Play Nine is the best-selling golf card game at retail as well as online. Developing the APP was the natural product extension. I hope everyone enjoys it,” said Bonfit President Paul Krok. “How I like to explain the game is that each turn is a shot, and each hand is a hole. The game can be played in ten minutes but what is surprising is how strategic gameplay have people playing the game for hours,”

Play Nine APP can be downloaded for iPhone and iPad on the Apple App Store or for Android on the Google Play Store.

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