Southern Tide – How To Look Your Best On The Course

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Southern Tide – How To Look Your Best On The Course

Golf has been a sport enjoyed by men since the Middle Ages. Finding its way to America in the late 1800s, it erupted in popularity during the Roaring Twenties as a way for the well-to-do to engage in sport and socialize at the same time.

Common golf apparel was woolen tweeds, plus fours and knee socks. Thankfully golf attire has evolved other the years into something much more comfortable and stylish.

These days, athletic style golf shoes and shorts are the norm on most courses. Among all of the passing fashion trends, however, there’s one stalwart: the golf polo shirt. This golf course staple will be on duty for a long time to come.

With all of the changes for the better, most courses still require men to wear collared shirts with short sleeves that are tucked into knee length shorts or trousers. With such strict guidelines to follow it has been difficult to find appropriate golf attire that was stylish and functional. That was until Southern Tide decided to bring their Southern state of mind to the golf course.

If you aren’t familiar with Southern Tide, it was founded in 2006 by a college student who was inspired to create a premium lifestyle brand combining modern design elements with a preppy, southern style.

The product that started it all, the Skipjack Polo, set a new standard in comfort, fit and design and quickly became the shirt of choice for many preppy frat boys at colleges and universities across the South.

Over the years Southern Tide expanded to offer a full line of men’s, women’s and youth apparel appealing to those with an affection for the coast and an appreciation for classic design. They are the premier southern brand.

While the Skipjack Polo is still a classic, there is now an even more comfortable Skipjack Polo. One created with BRRR technology to help keep you cooler and more comfortable on and off the course.

To complement the BRRR Performance Polo Shirts is the T3 Gulf BRRR Performance Shorts. Available in 8″ or 10″ lengths, these shorts are made of quick-dry fabric and 4-way stretch to offer maximum flexibility for anything the day may bring. The golf shorts have 4-way stretch that move with your hips as you take that big swing.

What is the BRRR Triple Chill Effect?

Fabric technology that combines the powers of natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to create a “Triple Chill Effect” that instantly and continuously draws heat and moisture away from the skin for all-day comfort.

Cool to the Touch – BRRR fabrics are cool to the touch with more chill than comparable competitors.

Wicking – The moisture wicking qualities of BRRR incorporate wicking technology to move moisture away from your skin, for nonstop comfort.

Quick Drying – The quick drying features of BRRR means it takes less time to dry, rapidly releasing moisture into the air, cooling the fabric and providing you with a fresh and crisp experience.

The Driver Striped BRRR Performance Polo Shirt is a lightweight golf polo that has stretchiness, comfort and class – Southern Tide Class!

When you wear the shirt and shorts, they just feel right.  By far the most comfortable shirt and shorts I have ever worn. The stretch provides you with just the right amount of give to maximize your range of motion whether it is in your backswing or just in everyday movements.

I recently put the BRRR technology to the test. I wore the shirt and shorts during a recent round of golf at Indian River Preserve Golf Club on a hot and muggy Florida summer afternoon. If you’ve ever played golf in Florida in July, you know what it’s like…it is hot and humid. The exact conditions I wanted for testing the BRRR technology.

How Did the Shirt and Shorts Perform?

Cool to the Touch – yes and no, it’s hard to say anything outside in that heat is going to feel cool to the touch, but it did retain its unique feel all afternoon. I wouldn’t say it was cool, but it definitely did not absorb any heat.

Wicking – Completely agree with this. My skin felt dry all afternoon, none of the usual feeling of the shirt sticking to your body like glue after the first hole. The shirt definitely exceeded any expectations about wicking moisture away from my body.

Quick Drying – I would have to agree with this too. I didn’t get rained on during this round to test that aspect fully, but I can say the shirt did not feel at all damp after wicking body perspiration from me.

Overall – Incredible stretch and comfort. The shirt’s fit complements your body while providing just the right amount of stretch. I never thought I’d get excited about a pair of shorts, but these are the most comfortable shorts I have ever worn. When Southern Tide says these shorts offer maximum flexibility, they aren’t kidding around. It’s hard to describe – you need to experience wearing them to understand the comfort and stretch fully. They don’t look like they would stretch but they do in all the right places at all the right times.

After an afternoon round, these shirts and shorts get a solid Thumbs Up. The BRRR technology works. Don’t get me wrong – you will still be hot if you are playing in the summer.  But while playing in Southern Tide BRRR Performance apparel, you will at least be comfortable.

Wear BRRR once and you won’t want to play in anything else!

Another big plus is that after your round, you can go directly into the clubhouse and your clothing will look fresh.  You might not – but your clothes will.

The perfect Performance Shirt and Shorts for a day on the course or anywhere.


Southern Tide BRRR Performance Polo Shirt

  • 83% BRRR Nylon 17% Stretch
  • Classic fit
  • Open chest and sleeves
  • Outline Skipjack heat seal on back neck
  • 2-piece self-collar
  • 3-button placket with branded white buttons
  • Drop tail hem
  • BRRR cooling technology
  • Moisture wicking technology
  • Stretch for ease of movement
  • UV protection

Southern Tide T3 Gulf BRRR Performance Shorts

  • 8-inch or 10-inch inseam
  • 85% Nylon 15% Stretch
  • Moisture-wicking & quick dry
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection
  • Breathable performance fabric with BRRR cooling technology
  • 4-way stretch fabric with rigid waistband and zip fly
  • Rigid waistband maintains its shape throughout the day
  • Side and rear pockets with mesh lining
  • Scorecard functional back pocket width
  • Rubber-coated, Skipjack button closure
  • Tonal outline Skipjack embroidery over right rear pocket
  • Heat transfer label (no tag) at back interior waistband for comfort



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