Another BOA Winner: Adidas ZG21 BOA Golf Shoes

by | Sep 12, 2021 | Pro Shop

The Women’s Adidas ZG21 golf shoe is a lightweight design with zero compromises in comfort or performance. Allowing you to play through your round with a secure, comfortable stance on every drive. These women’s golf shoes feature the BOA Fit System for a snug, supportive feel on every swing.

If you don’t know what the BOA Fit System is, it is a revolutionary system that replaces traditional shoe laces with micro-steel laces and instead of tying your shoes you twist a knob to tighten or loosen them. To take your shoes off, you pull the knob out and the laces are released to allow you to easily slip off your shoes.

Golf shoes are often overlooked and not as much thought is put into purchasing shoes as clubs. After all, a golf shoe is a golf shoe, it doesn’t matter which ones you wear, just find a pair that looks good and that’s about all you need to know.

That’s a big mistake…The correct fitting golf shoe will help your game. When you consider the number of steps you take on the golf course and the amount of time standing on your feet while playing, you need to do everything you can to keep your feet comfortable. If your golf shoes are uncomfortable,  you won’t be on top of your game. Shoes that are too tight or too loose will not make for happy feet – especially on the second nine.

The BOA Fit System gives you the freedom to precisely dial in your fit with evenly applied pressure across the foot. A one-of-a-kind contoured fit for each foot. Need to tighten or loosen the fit during your round, a quick twist of the dial is all it takes for fast adjustments, instantly and on the go.



Women’s Adidas ZG21 Golf Shoe

The BOA lacing system is a patented system to replace traditional shoelaces with a patented micro-thin stainless-steel wire, connected to a turning knob. This knob is used to tighten or loosen your laces providing a fit like a glove.

The lace in the BOA Fit System is durable, made of multiple strands of ultra-thin aircraft grade stainless steel and coated by a specially engineered low friction polymer. The laces and the dial come with a lifetime guarantee.

The BOA Fit System provides a comfortable fit as snug as you want. Once locked into place, BOA laces stay that way. This powerful yet flexible closure allows the ideal amount of flexibility without compromise and no sacrifice to performance.

During your round, if your shoes start feeling a little too snug, which happens frequently – especially on a hot summer day, you can release pressure instantly. No slowing down of play while you retie your shoes multiple times during the round.

To take the shoes off, all you have to do is pull the knob up to activate the quick release function that completely releases the laces to allow you to easily slip out of your shoes.


  • A glove like custom fit; a smooth, even closure and no pressure points.
  • Secure. Once locked into place, Boa laces stay that way. This powerful yet flexible closure allows the ideal amount of flexibility without compromise that will sacrifice performance.
  • On the Fly Micro-Adjustability – easy, one-handed adjustment with a fast turn of the Boa dial offering infinite degrees of fine tuning.
  • Quick on. Quick off.
  • Consistent Fit – No stretch or loosening of the laces with wear during play or over time

The perfect fit of a shoe is hard to describe, but we all know it when we feel it. Try on a pair of Adidas ZG21 BOA Golf Shoes and I think you will get that feel that lets you know, these are the shoes.


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