Mark Lamport-Stokes

Mark is an award-winning multi-media journalist whose distinguished career includes work for Reuters, the BBC World Service, Agence-France Presse, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), and Golf Digest SA. He most recently served as a communications executive for the LPGA.

Extreme Makeover at Mission Resort + Club

Significant Irrigation Investment Leads to Extreme Makeover for Mission Resort + Club’s El Campeón Golf Course

PGA Head Professional Championship of Canada

2024 PGA Head Professional Championship: Witness the best head professionals battle it out on the challenging El Campeón course.

Kiira Riihijärvi: Player-Ambassador for Mission Resort + Club

Kiira Riihijärvi, player-ambassador for Mission Resort + Club, navigated the roller-coaster of the LPGA Q-Series to gain status in 2024. Her experiences on the Epson Tour helped her set up for success on the Tour.

Jamaica a Unique Golf Destination

As the Jamaica Golf Association (JGA) strengthens its efforts to promote the beautiful Caribbean island nation as a unique golf destination, it can certainly rely on the words of perhaps its best ambassadors – players who have competed in the Jamaica Open Golf Championship.

Tryall Club

Tryall Club

Tryall Club’s Five Closing Holes Once Again Likely to Upset Several Contenders in the 56th Jamaica Open Any golfer...

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