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Artificial Intelligence is the technology de jure across many industries today. It certainly has its advantages. But there’s still room for some good, old-fashioned brain power. In that regard, meet the EVO Follow and EVO Remote Electric caddies from Batcaddy.

“We took everything we did over the past 20 years and designed EVO with what we call ‘Real Intelligence,’’ said Paul Guzman, the company’s  Vice President of Marketing, “We took a ton of feedback from our customers in what they want – like more colors and more customizations – and put them into EVO.’’


Batcaddy EVO Series, the next generation of electric golf caddy!

The new EVO Series features an Ultra-Lightweight, Fold Flat Frame Design – taking the walking experience to a new level.

“This really is a viable way to get your bags around the course,” Guzman said. “Unless you have a caddy, you have a caddy, you don’t get that experience.”

In the EVO Series, Guzman said Batcaddy combined dramatic weight savings with new features to create the ultimate “follow-me” electric golf caddy. With a frame weighing only 12 pounds, the EVO Series is up to 30 percent lighter than the competition when the battery and accessories are added. The EVO Series also has a slim euro design, ultra-quiet motors, an inset battery tray, “Forever Tread” wheels, and Advanced Stability Geometry, and folds completely flat into a carry bag.

“The main demographics of our customers aren’t in the gyms every day,’’ Guzman told me with a smile. “So, we wanted to keep it simple with the ‘Follow Me’ technology. Some of our competitors are getting heavier – up to 38 pounds. Wanted to keep it simple and light.’’

In addition, the EVO features an electro-magnetic parking brake, intelligent auto-tracking, fully directional remote control, downhill speed control, and a 24v Advanced Lithium power package. It will be available in three colors beginning in the spring.

“We took out the weight and made it even more sturdy,’’ Guzman said. “And we increased the stability through our technology. The auto-tracking in the rear wheels (versus the front wheel) keeps it centered.’’

The EVO Series costs $1,999.95 (Remote) and $2,495 (Follow), each significantly more than Batcaddy’s X Series, with pricing that begins at $749.95. But that’s fine with Guzman.

“We set the floor in pricing for the X Series, which is value-driven’’ he said. “Now, with EVO, we’re setting the top.’’

Photos Courtesy of Batcaddy


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