The Best Set up Routine

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The Best Set up Routine

What if you never had to worry about posture?
What if you never had to think about alignment?
What if you never had to wonder how far to stand from the ball?
What if you never had to guess about the ball position?
What if you removed those 1001 things in your head as you stand over the ball?
What if you got rid of that “pigeon walk” up to the golf ball?

What if that was all automatic?

We call it Golf 8.5 – Simple Steps to a Classic Swing – only 4 things to do pre-swing or routine and 4.5 things to do in the swing.


Let’s start with pre-swing.  It will save you time and de-clutter those 1001 things going on in your head.

By simply changing the order of how you get set up. . .posture, alignment, ball position, distance from the ball, and more – will all happen automatically. . .YES, it all will be automatic!  Imagine!

Typically the recreational amateur sets their feet first, then sets the club on the ground, then grips the club – then tries to adjust or find the right posture.  We call it the “pigeon walk”.

And as the Judge says. . .”You are out of order!”

By changing the order of how to get set up, we are going to guarantee that many things will come into play automatically.

The Pros do it this way, and we call the pre-shot order G-CAP.

Kay McMahon

Set up Routine: By simply changing the order of how you get set up. . .posture, alignment, ball position, distance from the ball and more – will all happen automatically

G-CAP Setup Routine

Grip – put your hands on the club with the club head up in the air at eye level.
Clubhead – set the club head on the ground as it is designed by stepping in with the rear foot aiming the leading edge perpendicular to the target line.
Alignment  – move your feet with a line across your toes perpendicular to the club face leading edge – back foot set, then front foot, then back foot again or right, left, right – like an army march.
Posture – happens automatically and is perfect.

If you can’t believe it, just try it.  It will change a habit, but it will simplify many things.  You will be amazed and extremely successful in a very short amount of time.

More to Come

There will be more easy, simple secrets to come on the details and particulars about:

  • GRIP – An effective grip to have more club head control
  • CLUB Design – The Club tells you where to stand
  • ALIGN & AIM – Parallel lines don’t work
  • POSTURE – You are already in your perfect posture position

So stay tuned for more from Kay with her Harvey Penick-like knack for keeping things simple.

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