BIRDEA – The Perfect Golf Ball Marker

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Pro Shop

Mark your presence on the green with the birdea Golf Ball Marker.  Some things get better with time, like your golf handicap or favorite clubs.  Your game gets better with every address, swing and putt.  The tiniest changes make the difference between hitting the ball perfectly off the tee, or into the hazard.   The difference between a pro golfer and an amateur is the attention to detail in everything they do.  With the golf ball marker from birdea, you can put your unique mark on the green. While your golfing friends use cheap iron or plastic markers you can pull out a golf marker with hand-painted Italian leather, detailed metal work in silver, yellow or rose gold for exclusive presentation.

At birdea they pride themselves on designing high-quality golf ball markers that truly stand out and are perfect gift any golfer would love to receive.  Choose from a wide variety of unique colors, designs, and prints to suit each and every style and outfit.  Simply attach the clip onto your hat, bag, pocket, or pants to have your ball marker always on hand when you reach the green.  Each marker features a handmade leather print, ages beautifully and is a reflection of your game and style.  The birdea is leather tight and built to last.

birdea markers are strong, durable and feature metallic magnets on both the marker and clip that secure easily in place.   The markers are made with embossed leather designs and detailed with a sleek matte finish.

They make the perfect gift for family, friends and loved one.  They can be purchased at leading golf retailers or online at