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Boca Woods Country Club General Manager/COO David Sweet these days is like a kid with a new toy.  Understand that Sweet always has a bounce in his step to go along with a positive attitude, but each is amped up even more thanks to the beginnings of the $9 million renovation of the Club’s Woods Course by famed architect Rees Jones.  The Woods, originally designed by Joe Lee 40 years ago, is expected to re-open on Dec. 1. The Lakes Course at Boca Woods remains open for Club members and guests.

boca woods country club

Boca Woods GM/COO David Sweet

“This project is incredibly important to the future of Boca Woods,’’ Sweet told me. “As we continue to develop our brand and let people know who we are, partnering with someone like Rees Jones is a big step. He’s such a historic figure from a historic family.

“It’s hard to find a golf course that hasn’t gone through a true renovation in 40 years, So for us to have the opportunity to set up this course for the ‘modern’ game – match up bunkers with today’s (equipment) technology, is huge, not just for the game of golf, but for this entire residential community.

“Rees is lucky enough to where he can be picky. He’s highly selective in what he chooses. We were fortunate enough that he wanted to partner with us.’’

Located in western Boca Raton, Boca Woods joins a list of impressive South Florida private golf communities whose courses Jones has been renovating over the past couple of years. Those include Coral Ridge CC in Fort Lauderdale—a club once owned by Jones’ legendary father, Robert Trent Jones, Sr; the aptly named Rees Jones Course at Breakers West in West Palm Beach; and Addison Reserve in Delray Beach.

“These are very good jobs because they have space to build old-style, classic designs, which is what those older courses originally were,’’ Jones said.

“At some jobs, we took out trees because they were mislocated. We’re going to do a lot of that at Boca Woods. Someone planted a lot of trees along the ponds and banks. We’ll take out most of those to have the water come more into play.  This site at Boca Woods really has a chance to be a special golf course.’’

Bryce Swanson, Jones’ design partner, said the duo sees the Woods Course as an opportunity to create “a little more variety’’ in the Boca Woods golf experience.

“We like to mix up the heights of the greens, so longer shots will have lower heights that might allow you to run a hybrid club to the green,’’ Swanson said. “On shorter shots, we’ll build up the greens. We want to give players that ‘ebb and flow’  whereby they think they might make six birdies, six pars, and maybe six of something else.’’

The Woods Course will undoubtedly enhance the overall Boca Woods experience, which continues to make the 660-acre property one of the most desirable private communities in South Florida.

For example, Sweet said that seven years ago, Boca Woods had only five children living on the property. That number today is 120.  All told Boca Woods has 640 full-member equivalents to go with 50 outside “executive’’ members.

“We have some really good people on our team,’’ Sweet said. “Our funding is secured. We projected a very conservative number of home sales for the next (fiscal) year after selling 74 in one year and 50 in another year. We projected 25, but at the end of May, we will have closed on 35, with more coming in.’’

The Woods Course renovation follows recent enhancements throughout the Club. A  $15 million investment has revitalized the club’s facilities, including a 70,000-square-foot Sports and Wellness Center. The Center houses the Pro Shop, Fitness Center, Spa, Game Room, and soon-to-be Multi-Purpose Space.

Additionally, the Club now features a modernized lobby, an elegantly appointed dining room, and a stylish bar/lounge.

What’s next on the golf front? Boca Woods will install a series of Toptracer units along 100 feet of its practice range so members and guests have their own personal “Topgolf’” experiences.

“In the past five years, the golf IQ at this club has gone through the roof,’’ Sweet said. “The number of scratch golfers coming in here is extremely impressive. I don’t think we’re used to seeing that in Boca Raton residential communities. I think we’re making our mark in the area.’’

Photos Courtesy of Boca Woods Country Club




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