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Guys if you are looking for a way to spend more time on the golf course, why not get your wife or girlfriend hooked on golf? In this time of social distancing and seeking outdoor activities, there has never been a better time or reason to get you both on the course.

During the social distancing of the Covid Pandemic, I decided that getting out on the golf course would be one of the safest things I could do. Golf would allow me to get out and do something but still keep me distanced from others. My wife, who was also eager to get out decided she would join me and just ride in the cart.

It didn’t take many rounds until she started asking if she could take some putts and then after another couple of rounds she wanted to hit some shots. Soon after, she decided she liked golf as much as I did and wanted to actually play with me. She shared my clubs for a few rounds and we both decided if she was going to do this, we should do it right and get her a set of women’s clubs.

Knowing that Callaway has been one of the biggest players in the women’s golf equipment market for years, it was an easy decision to shop Callaway. It didn’t take long to find the Callaway Big Bertha REVA set.

The Callaway Big Bertha name is one of the most famous names in golf and it stands for long, forgiving performance that can help every golfer on the course.

The Big Bertha REVA is a complete lineup of golf clubs designed for women by women to take their game to a new level. Over the years, one of the criticisms often leveled at women’s golf gear is that it doesn’t feature the same level of technology as the men’s club. Callaway busted that myth with the Big Bertha REVA, developed by women for women but with all of the same game-improving technologies as the men’s Big Bertha B21 line.

Callaway conducted extensive performance-data research and carried out huge amounts of testing with golfers before reworking the technologies that make Big Bertha drivers long, straight and easy to hit to ensure REVA delivers exactly what women need for their game.

The new model boasts optimized lofts, swing-weights, shaft lengths and a high MOI head shape that has been engineered with internal draw bias to improve launch angles for a longer, straighter ball flight.

reva-driverCallaway Big Bertha REVA Features and Benefits

  • Designed For Women To Unlock their Inner Distance – Callaway looked extensively at player performance data to build an irons set that creates the most distance for women. The lofts, swingweights, and shafts are all optimized to help women hit the ball a lot farther.
  • Amazing Forgiveness From Legendary Big Bertha Shaping – The club profile that golfers love is engineered to provide more confidence over the ball with noticeably wider soles. For easy launch, lower spin and straighter shots, more offset was added. Combined with the Flash Face Cup, Callaway developed a NEW formula for distance and forgiveness in a women’s iron.
  • Higher Launch From Tungsten Energy Core – A significant amount of custom tungsten weighting has been added to deepen the CG in each iron with extraordinary precision, while still maintaining ball speed in the Flash Face Cup. Now you can get higher launch conditions through the set.
  • Pure Feel From Urethane Microspheres – Patented urethane microspheres comprehensively absorb unwanted vibration for exceptional feel, while also maintaining fast ball speeds.
  • Premium Components Package – Features a speed-enhancing RCH Shaft and a premium Lamkin Women’s ST Soft Grip.

The only thing left now, was to order the clubs. We decided on the REVA 11-Piece Set consisting of a Driver, 3 Wood, 5 and 6 Hybrids, 7 through 9 Irons, Pitching and Sand Wedge, Putter, Cart Bag and five head covers.

When the clubs arrived, we were both really impressed with the look and feel. The Callaway Big Bertha Reva golf clubs feature a unified blue and black color scheme throughout the lineup and just looked good.

My wife couldn’t wait to get to the course and try these out

The Driver and Fairway Woods have the Center of Gravity (CG) positioned very low and forward to launch the ball high with minimal spin—a combination that results in greater carry distances. The face was created using Artificial Intelligence. The A.I. designed Flash Face SS21 is engineered to ensure ball speed gains across a wide area, and two internal Jailbreak bars stiffen the body enabling the face to flex more. A lightweight carbon crown allows weight to be redistributed around the club head, predominantly down to lower the CG, and increase the club’s Moment of Inertia (MOI). Draw-bias weighting helps golfers with slower swing speeds square the face straightening out drives and even helping to add a little draw spin.

The clubs didn’t disappoint, after swinging my oversized clubs, my wife couldn’t believe how much easier the REVA’s were to hit.

The irons are the first irons to feature Callaway’s A.I. designed Flash Face Cup. A Visible Tungsten Energy Core (VTEC) in the cavity is designed to deepen the CG and make launching the ball easier. The wide soles increase confidence while significant offset reduces slices. The irons’ most appealing feature though may be the urethane microspheres which absorbs unwanted vibration so she gets all the feedback with none of the extra shock thus improving feel.

She’s only been using these clubs for a couple of weeks now, but she is playing better with more confidence and her game has improved. I’m not sure if the improvement is due to the confidence REVA gives her or if it’s the technology or a combination of both. Either way, these clubs are the real deal.

Great decision! Thank-you Callaway for investing in the women’s game.



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