Exclusive SINK FIT Putter Grips Fuel Lamkin

by | May 1, 2019 | Pro Shop

Lamkin Corporation, the original manufacturer of premium golf grips, has announced the launch of its new line of SINK FIT putter grips. Designed to deliver exceptional feel, promote a smoother stroke and enhance putting accuracy, SINK FIT grips are offered in three shapes and two distinctive materials to deliver the perfect putting solution to all types of golfers.

Available now, the new SINK FIT putter grips feature a unique profile contour to promote proper wrist alignment and hand positioning for a more controlled, consistent putting stroke. These innovative¬†contours are offered in traditional Pistol, Skinny Pistol or a Straight shape made with Lamkin’s proprietary new GENESIS material that delivers a highly responsive feel with enhanced surface traction. The Pistol and Straight shapes are also available in an ultra lightweight polyurethane material.

Each of the variations in the SINK FIT line include Lamkin’s proprietary FINGERPRINT technology. Using intricate, densely spaced patterns, micro-textures are created that produce a smoother surface feel while maintaining superior levels of traction. This technology, along with the ergonomic contours throughout the line, deliver the benefits of SINK FIT, but as Bob Lamkin, CEO & President explains, there were many more considerations when creating a line of performance enhancing putter grips.

“Putting preferences, perhaps more than any other part of the golf swing, are such a personal thing,” said Lamkin. “We know there are certain characteristics of a putter grip, such as comfortable traction and consistent wrist alignment, that will help every golfer putt with more consistency; but there are many more that are purely down to feel and personal preference. In the new SINK FIT line we have factored in those personal variations to produce a line of putter grips that provides the perfect solution for virtually every golfer.”


  • Sink Fit Rubber;Skinny Pistol(70g)-Black/Gray, Blue/Green
  • Sink Fit Rubber;Pistol(120g)-Black/Blue
  • Sink Fit Rubber;Straight(114g)-Black/Red
  • Sink Fit Polyurethane;Pistol(63g)-Black/Blue
  • Sink Fit Polyurethane;Straight(60g)-Black/Red

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