Finn Scooters Adds Direct to Consumer Sales

by | Sep 10, 2019 | Pro Shop

Finn ScootersT, the new electric golf cycle that’s adding fun and speeding up pace of play at a golf course near you is now selling directly to consumers. Previously only available for on-course rental, the company is making a limited supply available for sale to the public at $3,699 plus $75 shipping. Finn Scooters have been shipping to golf courses since mid-June and can now be found at 40+ courses from Washington to Ohio and South Carolina to Minnesota with more shipping every day. To order a Finn Scooter for yourself or to Find a Finn for rental near you, go to

Developed by Rick Reimers, founder and owner of the long-pioneering golf equipment company Sun Mountain Sports, Finn Scooters has its roots in golf and the potential to grow beyond it. Finn Scooter is a two-wheeled, single-rider cycle with an electric motor and lithium battery that offers a comfortable and stable ride that leaves all who ride it smiling.

“The inspiration for Finn Scooters is the desire to play a faster round of golf,” said Rick Reimers. “Riding Finn is invigorating and sporty while encouraging ready golf.”

The golf bag sits along the center-line of Finn Scooter offering easy golf club access and riding stability. Finn Scooter has front and rear suspension for a comfortable ride and braking with hand-operated hydraulic disc brakes. The electric motor is in the rear wheel offering a sleek design. The lithium battery can go up to 36-holes on a single charge though charging after every round is suggested.

Finn Scooter travels as the same speed as a traditional golf cart, approximately 15 mph, and offers the opportunity to substantially speed up the pace of play by naturally encouraging ready golf with each player driving directly to his/her ball. With Finn, a sub-two-hour round of golf is within reach.

Finn Scooters has also recently released a proprietary app to unlock Finn for use and collect the usage fee in a hassle-free transaction.

Reimers has a well-deserved reputation for creating innovative golf products that become industry mainstays such as the golf bag with built-in legs and the golf pushcart.

Finn Scooters is a product of Sun Mountain Motor Sports, an affiliate of industry-leading golf bag, golf push cart and golf outerwear company, Sun Mountain Sports. Sun Mountain Motor Sports is a new company dedicated to solving golf’s biggest problem: slow play. The company’s new products are designed to make golf fast and fun, with a goal of 18 holes in 2 hours or less. For more information visit