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Keoni Carew Women’s Golf Apparel – A Brand is Born

Keoni Carew Golf is a high-performance women’s golf and lifestyle brand created by American fashion designer and actress, Keoni Carew. Featuring an innovative collection of styles to help create a strong identity for women who have a desire to look stylish and confident on and off the course.

The main focus is to create a luxury lifestyle brand for the modern sophisticated woman. Providing the best quality and wearing comfort, all garments are made with premium material to provide the best quality and wearing comfort. Keoni Carew Golf styles are thoughtfully designed to fit all body types. To ensure a confident fit and a feeling of looking your best.

The Keoni Carew Golf Apparel Brand Story

Keoni Carew GolfAccording to Keoni Carew, when she started playing golf she wasn’t “very consistent”. On top of that, she also felt women’s golf apparel was not designed for the younger sophisticated and modern woman. Tired of wearing drab, unflattering golf attire, Keoni decided to update her look. The quick fix consisted of custom tailored clothing which made a huge difference in her appearance and in her confidence.

Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders said it best: “If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you play good.”

Well, Keoni, looked good, felt good and she was playing the best golf of her life. In fact, she was getting so much attention that some people thought she was a Pro Golfer. A golfing friend finally suggested she should create her own line of women’s golf apparel. It was time for someone with new ideas to make a statement and rock the boat.

It seemed like a big task, but Keoni started doing her research to create her own brand.

Time was at a premium for Keoni. The Film and Entertainment Industry occupied most of her time. She loved attending the golf and textile trade shows, but they were time consuming. She knew it wasn’t the right time to start a second career. This was something she ultimately wanted to do, but, just not now.

The Pandemic Changed Everything

Then in 2020, the Pandemic changed everything. Golf boomed, the once declining sport took off again. Golf was “pandemic proof” – you could play with your friends and never have to get too close and no one had to touch your things. Social Distancing while still being social.

Keoni spent her time on the course looking at what other women were wearing and asking them about women’s golf fashion. What they liked/disliked and what would make them feel better and more confident. The look good to play good style.

After months of designing and reaching out to suppliers, just when it appears this new brand would never make it to the market, a supplier finally calls and tells Keoni he loves the designs and how could he help her bring the brand to the market.

The rest of the story was a leap of faith by Keoni that resulted in the initial order of ten-thousand pieces of clothing. Enough to launch the brand.

Today, Keoni Carew Golf is a thriving online business that has changed the look of women’s golf apparel. Bold and vibrant styles that give women golfers the confidence they need to look their best on and off the course.

Remember: “If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you play good.” Keoni Carew Golf will do their part and make you look good.

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