Lag Shot Golf Swing Training Aid

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Pro Shop

New Hittable Training Aid Being Praised by Elite PGA Teaching Professionals as a True “Breakthrough” for Amateur Golfers

The new, revolutionary Lag Shot golf swing training aid is taking the golf instruction world by storm, having already received rave reviews from several elite PGA teaching professionals.

With its sleek, jet-black clubhead design, beautiful blue shaft, and Lag Flex shaft technology, the club forces golfers to swing the club in tempo, on plane, and increase lag for more distance, precision accuracy, and more enjoyment of the game.

“We started with the end goal in mind, which was to help amateur golfers hit better golf shots consistently, lower their scores, and have more fun playing this game we all love,“ says Lag Shot Founder & CEO, Gary Guerrero.

“After consulting with several top PGA teaching professionals, and asking them what would help their students the most, we identified two major problems with most golf training aids.

For starters, most training aids provide “band-aid” fixes. They don’t address the real swing flaws, and therefore any improvements are temporary and short-lived.

Secondly, golfers can’t hit balls with most training aids, which is a major flaw. I’m an avid golfer. Most people reading this are avid golfers. We all know how different practice swings are vs. real swings. Golfers need a training aid they can hit balls with to get instant feedback when it matters most.”

The solution to these problems is the hittable Lag Shot training club, which is a standard 7-iron in length, loft and lie and is available for right and left-handed golfers.

Lag Shot has been engineered to help golfers improve tempo, smooth out their transition from backswing to downswing, and build lag effortlessly without feeling too forced, manufactured, or “mechanical.”

Each Lag Shot club also comes with a 10-part bonus video instructional series in digital format from 3-Time PGA Teacher of the Year and Founder of Scratch Golf Academy, Adam Bazalgette.

Lag Shot is based out of Naples, FL, and was founded by Gary Guerrero. For more information visit the website at