New Golf Tee Helps Golfers Conquer Errant Tee Shots

by | Jul 27, 2019 | Pro Shop

Eliminate Sliced or Hooked Tee Shots with the Innovative RecTeeFier

A game changing new golf tee has been designed to help golfers who slice or hook their tee shots find the fairway.  The revolutionary and scientifically tested RecTeeFier tee has been proven to reduce a slice or hook by 35% as tested by a robotic arm from Golf Laboratories Inc. in San Diego, California. The RecTeeFier technology rectifies the angle of a golf ball’s spin axis bringing it towards zero and thus reducing the side spinning that causes a dreaded slice or hook.

According to a poll conducted by, 70% of all respondents confessed that slicing or hooking their tee shots were their most frustrating issues. The game improvement RecTeeFier is especially beneficial for beginner golfers as well as senior golfers whose declining physical abilities make it difficult for them to drive the ball straight and keep it in play.

I designed and created this special golf tee as a way to make the golfing experience more enjoyable for the average or beginning golfer,” said Canadian businessman and golfer Serge Gauvin. “This product is not USGA approved and should not be used in any official tournaments.  However, for the thousands of amateur golfers around the world who just want to go out and tee it up and have some fun, this product is for them.  The RecTeeFier also may help speed up play since golfers will not spend much time looking for lost balls and errant shots in the rough or the woods.”

The RecTeeFier is made of two different materials: a high-impact resistant polycarbonate (the white stem portion) which is the same material as a motorcycle’s windshield, and a specific elastomer selected for its friction index which allows for the spin axis angle correction. A single RecTeeFier tee can be used over and over for multiple rounds of golf before showing any signs of wear. That is approximately 15 rounds of golf equaling 270 tee shots!

The product is sold in three different packages starting at $8.95 for one tee, $13.95 for two tees and $19.95 for four tees. For more information about RecTeeFier and purchases, visit the company website at  The product also is available at and Rock Bottom Golf ( RecTeeFier is under patent pending in four countries, including the U.S., Canada, UK and Australia.

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