New GolfBuddy Aim L10

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Pro Shop

GOLFBUDDY, a leading innovator in the golf rangefinder industry, has introduced the new GOLFBUDDY aim L10, from the new aim line. The aim L10 is an easy-to-use laser rangefinder – one click push and it will scan – featuring an ergonomic, sporty design. “aim” means accurate, innovative and measurable, and the new aim L10’s state-of-the-art technology delivers the finest in rangefinder precision and dependability.

“GOLFBUDDY continues to innovate and improve, as evidenced in our latest rangefinder line,” says Timothy Chae, CEO of  Golf Buddy America(GBA). “The new aim L10 weighs just under six ounces and brings an unprecedented level of accuracy and reliability to golfers.”

The new GOLFBUDDY aim L10 is available for purchase at golf retail shops across the U.S. The entire GOLFBUDDY aim line will include new GPS rangefinders in the following categories: Laser, Voice and Wearable.

About GOLFBUDDY aim L10

The new GOLFBUDDY aim L10 features three different targeting modes: Standard, Scan and Pin with vibration mode. The GOLFBUDDY aim L10’s pin finder with vibration mode is user-friendly. One click on the pin allows the golfer to feel a slight vibration, confirming the pin has been found.

The aim L10 also comes with a slope on/off switch that provides slope-adjusted distances for various elevations for more accuracy. The L10’s slope function – one of its most popular features – can be turned on or off with an exterior manual switch, allowing the GOLFBUDDY aim L10 to be USGA and R&A compliant and legal for handicap and tournament play.


GOLFBUDDY has as its primary goal to provide the most accurate and innovative golf rangefinders on the market. GOLFBUDDY is based in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., with product development and course data management centers in Korea, one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality electronic products.

Founded in 2003 with a single product, GOLFBUDDY now has rangefinder products in various categories: wearables, handhelds, voice and laser. GOLFBUDDY is a portable golf distance-measuring device that accurately measures the distance to the front/center/back of the greens and hazards throughout the hole via satellite during rounds of golf.

GOLFBUDDY has entered the Laser Rangefinder category with its successful LR series, known for its ease of use, and now has delivered its newest, most technologically advanced laser, the aim L10.

Each GOLFBUDDY GPS unit comes preloaded with over 40,000 golf courses worldwide. All GOLFBUDDY products are 100% fee-free. There are no download fees or subscription costs.

The company’s tagline, “Accuracy Matters™,” is reflected across the entire product line.

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