ReelGOLF Reveals Revolutionary New Closest-to-the-Pin Technology

by | Apr 19, 2023 | News

AUSTIN, Texas – ReelGOLF, the first on-course autonomous videography system, has just unveiled a new advancement that will change closest-to-the-pin and hole-in-one contests forever. ReelGOLF’s first-of-its-kind, AI-enabled video technology can now find and measure a golf ball’s distance to the pin within half a ball (18 millimeters), meaning players and courses can now reap the benefits of daily closest-to-the-pin and hole-in-one contests on signature par three holes without the need for a human judge or the outdated “name on a stick” method.

The closest-to-the-pin technology was patented in March, ensuring that Hole-in-One Media, Inc., the makers of ReelGOLF, is the only company with intellectual property to allow on-course competitions through the use of automated artificial intelligence. The patent will offer security for course owners and operators alike in looking to add ReelGOLF to their properties.

After gaining mass attention for allowing players to preserve memories made out on the course in 4K video, ReelGOLF has continued to evolve its range of uses for players and courses alike. At its core, ReelGOLF uses smart cameras placed discretely near the tee box on signature Par 3 holes where players can simply scan a QR code to activate the camera. ReelGOLF then records the shot, and the high-definition video is sent to the player’s phone within minutes, packaged and ready to share on social platforms.

ReelGOLF started as an idea to give players a way to capture and preserve priceless memories made on the course. To see that vision become a reality, and also expand in a way that will push the boundaries of on-course contests is truly exciting,” said ReelGOLF founder and CEO, Kevin Imes. “Our closest-to-the-pin technology signifies another major step forward in ReelGOLF’s evolution, and we are ready to bring this new experience to players and courses everywhere.”

ReelGOLF is dedicated to providing courses with an ecosystem that turns their signature holes into profit centers through daily competitions and custom events with privately branded videos. The company is working to build an advanced platform that will make this simple for courses, without having to manage the winnings. Further details will be announced in the coming months.

“Outside of improving the player experience, courses can now take advantage of ReelGOLF technology to drive additional revenue and promote events at their properties,” said Imes. “Our goal is to ensure course owners, designers and architects are planning in advance for this technology as they map out course renovations and new designs. ReelGOLF is here to stay.”

Hole-in-One Media has also selected Bosch, an industry-leading AI-enabled camera provider, as its preferred partner for all ReelGOLF cameras. Hole-In-One Media’s partnership with Bosch came to light after ReelGOLF’s viral success from two holes-in-one videos recorded in the span of a few minutes on the 19th hole of Payne’s Valley Golf Course at Big Cedar Lodge.

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