REKS Introduces Four New Trivex Color-Boosting Sun Lenses

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Pro Shop

REKS, an innovative sunglass manufacturer featuring the finest in performance lenses matched with unbreakable frames, is pleased to introduce four new high performance Trivex color-boosting sun lenses. These Trivex lenses come with a built-in color equalizer that improves the contrast between colors making them seem brighter.

“Many of our customers have asked us to provide specific lenses for some of their most popular activities,” stated George Granoff CEO of REKS. “We listened to their feedback and are pleased to introduce four new Trivex Color-Boosting Sun Lenses, each with unique features to enhance your visual experience.”

  • GOLF lens features a rose amber tinted lens enhanced with a multi-layer silver mirror. Designed to have a lighter tint than a full sunglass lens, this golf performance lens allows more light into the eye resulting in a more precise visual experience. Whether looking down the fairway or reading the undulations of a green, this lens provides great optical clarity under a variety of sun conditions. The color-boosting lens technology improves contrast delivering brighter, more distinctive colors and includes anti-reflective and oleophobic coatings that reduce glare and help keep them free of smudges and dust. This lens has a light transmission of 30% designed for medium light conditions.
  • FISHING lens is a newly designed polarized lens that helps eliminate unwanted glare so important for fishermen or others on the beach, in the car or pursuing any outdoor activities where glare can be eliminated providing optimum clarity and color enhancement. This lens is designed for bright light, features a blue/gray tint, a sea green mirror and includes anti-reflective and oleophobic coatings to improve performance. The fishing lens has a light transmission of 13% designed for bright sun conditions.
  • BIKING lens features a photochromic lens that darkens in the sun and lightens in the shade. Perfect for bikers out for a long ride during mixed light conditions, this lens will adapt to changing light conditions providing a consistent high-quality visual experience. Under any light conditions, this photochromic lens will increase the contrast between colors making them seem brighter. This lens has anti-reflective and oleophobic coatings to improve performance. The biking lens will darken to a light transmission of 12% in full sun but will lighten to 47% in the shade.
  • SNOW lens helps distinguish between snow and ice. The built-in color equalizer increases the contrast between colors making them seem brighter and more distinct. This full sun lens provides exceptionable vision on sunny days. The anti-reflective coating on the back of the lens and oleophobic on both sides improves performance and helps provide smudge free performance. This blue/gray lens with a hint of violet features a blue/red plasma mirror that greatly enhances appearance. This full sun lens has a light transmission of 13% providing exceptionable vision on sunny days.

Every REKS optical frame is manufactured using an unbreakable polymer material and is paired with a shatter-resistant lens. These shatter-resistant lenses are manufactured using either polycarbonate or Trivex materials. Polycarbonate is the industry standard and REKS offers its polycarbonate polarized lens in any choice of frame for $50.  Trivex lenses are manufactured using optically clear polyurethane and are usually much more expensive than polycarbonate. Capitalizing on the benefits of being a direct to consumer customer company, REKS is the first to offer trivex sun lenses with color-boosting technology for only $75.

These Trivex lens designs are also available for prescription wearers starting at  $225.

All REKS eyewear carries a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

In addition, all prescriptions lenses are covered by a 1-year scratch protection warranty and a 2-year warranty on the frame against breakage.

About REKS

Founded in 2015, REKS is a performance and fashion brand that emphasizes high-quality polycarbonate and trivex lenses delivered in unbreakable frames. These lenses are available as regular sunglasses or High Definition prescription lenses. With in-house designed unbreakable frames and lenses that are shatter-resistant, lightweight and offer 100% UV 400 protection, REKS eyewear is suited for the consumer who demands top quality visual experiences. REKS sunglasses and performance lenses provide comfort and stability in all conditions…all at affordable prices. REKS prescription lenses are manufactured with the latest freeform digital technology that produces high definition lenses with greater field of vision and improved clarity over traditional manufacturing techniques. REKS offers seven iconic frame styles, creating a collectible line of eyewear to suit every sport, style and mood.

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