Santa’s Got Some Cool New Shoes – JACK GRACE

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Pro Shop

It’s not too late to have the best looking, customizable golf shoes on or off the golf course this holiday season. JACK GRACE Golf Shoes can have you ‘styling’ in a variety of swappable saddles in red and green or hundreds of colors and designs in between.

The patented ‘Hidden Channel Technology’ in the JACK GRACE shoes allows the swappable saddle patterns to attach securely around the middle of the shoe, providing a seamless look. The shoelaces are fully functional and tighten for perfect support and comfort. The diamond shaped spikeless outsoles provide excellent traction and stability.

“When golfers see a live demonstration of the shoe or watch our product video on our website, they are amazed,” stated Brad Smith, COO of JACK GRACE. “The ability to have multiple looks with one shoe and combine that with comfort and performance is a breakthrough in the industry.”

Early adopters and growing sales have been the proof. It’s been a very good year for JACK GRACE since launching at the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando last January. So much so, the company recently expanded into larger offices in its Phoenix, Arizona headquarters to accommodate the demand.

JACK GRACE offers one shoe style- the Innovator- in white, grey or black with more than 500 swappable saddle patterns to choose from. If you are a traveling golfer, you’ll love the ease and hassle free joy of only having to pack one pair of shoes on your next ‘buddy’ trip. For the ladies; think about it-matching shoes to your golf outfits with only one pair of shoes-what a concept!

There is still time to shop on line and be a hero in your golfer’s world. Check out JACK GRACE’S “Holiday Bundles” for only $149, a $240 value, that includes a free holiday box. Choose from the men’s Innovator white shoes with USA blue and red saddles or the women’s Innovator white shoes with pink gingham and charcoal crocodile saddles.

“JACK GRACE shoes make a great gift to start the new golf season,” comments Smith. “They’re cool and fun and are a gift that will be remembered all year through!”

Men and women’s Innovator shoes retail for $160.00. Saddles can be purchased in singles($40-each) or in bundles. To make your gift giving easy, .they are offering a $25 gift with every $100 gift card purchased for a limited time. Give something for them and get something for yourself! Don’t miss out on this great Holiday sale.


JACK GRACE is a premier golf footwear company specializing in high quality saddle golf shoes with unique saddles you can swap. Founded by Bart Walker, a former banker and shoe connoisseur, who designed his prototype on his kitchen table in Phoenix, then sought a cobbler in a local strip mall and turned his dream into reality. The company is named after his two children, Jack and Grace.

For more information or to place an order visit or call 855-522-5472.