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SeeMore Putter Co. Turns 25

by | Mar 17, 2024 | PRO SHOP

Happy 25th anniversary to one of my favorite equipment companies – SeeMore Putter Company. To celebrate its 25th year, the company is launching the Bronze Original FGP, featuring SeeMore’s patented RifleScope Technology alignment system. It’s a putter that is one of the more lasting and influential golf club designs in history.

“For 25 years, SeeMore has been the clear market leader in straight, center shaft design putters, as well as the market leader in simple, repeatable alignment, and each of these trends are now finally enjoying a strong resurgence in the market and on tour,” said Jim Grundberg, SeeMore CEO. “SeeMore is the gold standard for center shaft putting.’’

Also, 2024 marks the 25 year anniversary of the late Payne Stewart’s victory at the US Open at Pinehurst No. 2 using the Bronze Original FGP. Stewart’s famous one-legged first pump following his winning putter is one of the more iconic moments in golf history.

Since that epic US Open, SeeMore Putter Company has been an industry leader when it comes to innovation and improvement in putting through use of its proprietary RifleScope Technology (RST) alignment system. Zach Johnson won the 2007 Masters and 2015 U.S. Open with SeeMore putters.

By hiding the red dot behind the shaft at address, the company says golfers of all skill levels improve the consistency of their aim, setup, and stroke, leading to saved strokes on the greens, lower scores, and more fun.

SeeMore also will celebrate its original product by launching a line of precision cast stainless steel putters that are PVD coated in a beautiful and durable bronze (brush gold) plating that was inspired by the original aluminum bronze FGP design. The line up features six of SeeMore’s classic designs. The putters will be available in stores and can also be custom ordered at and will retail for $200.


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