Softspikes Tour Flex Pro

by | Feb 11, 2023 | Pro Shop

Softspikes Announces All-New Tour Flex Pro…Gain Distance and Reduce Shot Dispersion By 40%

In addition to increasing driver distance by five yards, Softspikes’ Tour Flex Pro replacement spikes have been independently proven to reduce shot dispersion by 40% while increasing driver distance by five yards. Starting March 1, Softspikes Tour Flex Pro replacement spikes will be available at $19.99 through and major golf and sporting goods retailers nationwide.

By using its proprietary Dynamic Traction Technology, Softspikes has been able to combine the performance characteristics of metal spikes with the comfort of plastic spikes. The Tour Flex Pro boasts three degrees of traction and ten points of contact for unmatched stability, resulting in enhanced ball striking and improved distance.

“Several years ago the USGA capped the COR limits for driver faces. Manufacturers have done all they can to deliver greater distance. We took it on as a challenge to provide avid golfers with a new way to consistently gain yardage,” said Joe Henderson, President, PrideSports. “The result is great news for golfers. For less than $20 they can swap their spikes and squeeze another five yards of distance out of their driver.”

Softspikes was chosen by more than 80% of PGA Tour players in 2022, leading to 30 victories, including four majors and the Tour Championship. As a result, Softspikes tested Tour Flex Pro on the PGA Tour during development. The spikes combine features from the brand’s two most popular tour models – Pro Stinger and Cyclone – to deliver performance benefits consistent with metal spikes.

It is common for tour players to change grips and traction based on course conditions, but amateur golfers seldom consider how spikes affect consistency and distance. To maximize performance benefits, golfers should change spikes every 15 – 20 rounds.