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by | Dec 7, 2021 | Pro Shop

The Sun Mountain Colter Jacket is one of the best jackets I have ever come across for golf (or for any outdoor activity).

The Sun Mountain Colter Jacket features insulated panels for core warmth, a fully insulated hood, four-way stretch side panels, and sleeves for an easy range of motion. The insulated panels and hood feature 37.5 insulation, which keeps the body at a core temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius (99.5 degrees Fahrenheit) while keeping microclimate against the skin at 37.5 percent relative humidity. The 37.5 insulation absorbs body heat and keeps it close to the body while preventing moisture buildup. When you’re getting too warm, active materials in the insulation help cool the body to regulate temperature.

Keeping warm while staying comfortable with the ability to swing the club to maximum effect is always difficult when the temperatures drop.

I’ve often been accused of having a 55-degree rule, meaning I stay off the course until the temperature gets above 55. However, I found myself in Mississippi over Thanksgiving weekend, and our 8:00 Tee Time at Old Waverly greeted us with a frost delay and temperatures in the 30s. Most mornings, I would have just said, “I’ll wait for a warmer day,” but this was Old Waverly, not a course to pass up for any reason.

When we finally teed off with temperatures still around 40, I started out with several layers with the Colter Jacket on top. Typical cold weather golf for me, too bulky to swing, and I was still cold.

It was time for the Colter to show me what it had…my playing partners laughed at me as I removed the inner layers and played in just the Colter Jacket. It took a few minutes for the insulation to warm me up but, wow, what a feeling. The inner layers I had started with prevented the 37.5 insulation from regulating my core temperature. I was the only one in my group that didn’t look like the Michelin Man. I was comfortable, and my swing was completely unrestricted. My playing partners went from laughing at me to asking me if they could try the jacket.

The hood is also a fantastic addition. While I wouldn’t recommend it while swinging, it was a welcomed accessory between every shot, especially while riding in the cart.

I can truly say the Sun Mountain Colter Jacket provides me the ability to play winter golf with maximum protection and minimum impact on restricting freedom of movement and makes this jacket my go-to winter golf jacket. It’s difficult to imagine how a thermal golf jacket can get much better than this.

Sun Mountain also offers a Colter Vest for those who prefer a vest. All the same 37.5 insulation features as the jacket without the sleeves or hood. The ultra-thin packable vest really traps the body’s heat keeping your core warm in just about any weather.


  • Thermal/Windproof
  • Four pockets, including internal and external chest pockets
  • Adjustable, insulated hood
  • Strategically placed stretch panels for playability
  • Durable Water Repellant, Wind Proof Shell Sun Mountain


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