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The Sunday Golf Bag: We’ve all heard of it, but now there is an official Sunday Golf Bag. Created by none other than Sunday Golf, where their products are created with the weekend golfer in mind. The product design is founded on the principle of “carry less, enjoy more.” The team at Sunday Golf launched in 2020 with a popular line of golf bags called the Loma Bag series, has been a big hit on Par 3 courses and driving ranges all over the country.

Sunday Golf Bag – A bag designed with ease and convenience in mind for players who want to take just the clubs they need the most.  Great for a par three, executive course, or when hitting the range for some practice.

Why Is It Called a Sunday Bag?

Good question! There are competing theories, but one most often cited has to do with the early days of golf and religion. The farther back in time you go, the more people there were who observed the Sabbath, meaning no work on a Sunday. So at some early golf clubs, golfers could play on Sundays, but caddies didn’t work on Sundays. So if it was Sunday and you wanted to play, you carried your own bag. The Sunday bag arose out of that circumstance when golfers wanted a lighter, pared-down golf bag — one they typically filled with fewer clubs and less equipment overall (partly because they were conserving weight, partly because the smaller bag didn’t fit as much).

The Loma Bag fits the definition of The Sunday Bag to a T. It weighs less than two pounds and holds up to eight clubs. The minimalist bag also includes a full-length bag strap for easy transport, a frosty, insulated compartment to keep drinks cool, a velour-lined pocket to secure valuables, and a Dual flex stand system that allows golfers to set the bag down anywhere. As a result, it is simple to navigate the course and practice at the driving range. Sunday Golf Loma bags are perfect for outings on the local short course, practice sessions, and cart-path-only days.


  • Minimalist Designed Bag Weighs 1.95 pounds
  • Easily carries 6-7 clubs
  • Frosty, Insulated Compartment to Keep Drinks Cool
  • Velour-lined Pocket to Secure Valuables
  • Dual Flex Stand System
  • Easy-Grip Handle

Sunday Golf has received recognition and acclaim for its innovative golf bags, which have appeared in various media venues such as Sports Illustrated, Golf Magazine, and Golf Digest, to mention a few. Most importantly, the brand has received a slew of positive reviews from delighted customers. As one satisfied customer said, “What I thought was just a bag, is now much more. Carrying your clubs in this bag gives them so much magic Harry Potter would be jealous.”

With the popularity of short courses, such as The Cradle at Pinehurst, everyone needs a Sunday Bag.

Sunday Golf, headquartered in San Diego, is a forerunner in the golf bag industry. In addition to its popular golf bags, the brand also offers a line of golf towels, hats, and accessories. With their exclusive lightweight bags designed for the weekend golfer, Sunday Golf provides high-quality golf gear that is functional, affordable, and made “Fore the Weekend.”

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