Tour Edge Introduces New Pure Feel Template Series Putters

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Pro Shop

Tour Edge, an American owned and operated Golf Club manufacturer in Batavia, Illinois, has announced their all new Pure Feel Template Series Putter line. The new Template series includes two mallet, three blades and a semi-mallet designs, all featuring micro-groove technology to promote immediate topspin for an accurate roll, The micro-groove technology provides an extremely soft feel upon contact and reduces skidding off the face, which is the essence of “Pure Feel”  technology that Tour Edge has long employed on its putters and wedges.

A Template golf hole in course architecture is a hole so perfect that it is set aside as the ideal example of how future holes should be designed. For example, the Biarritz template holes are long par 3’s designed to test a golfer’s ability to hit accurate long shots(typical yardage is 210-240 yards). Their defining characteristic is a long massive green with a swale in them, such as Chicago Golf Club’s 3rd and the Golf Course at Yale University’s 3rd. The original template par 3 was at the Biarrritz Golf Club in France.

The Pure Feel Template putters feature the classic designs forged with modern innovations that will help any golfer improve their scoring. With that in mind, Tour Edge Master Club Designer & Owner, David Glod, set out to introduce six models of new shapes that are based on some of the best known putter designs of all time.

These classic designs have long been used as a guide to manufacturing new putters with updated technology featuring a classic look.

The New Template Series models include:

  • Mallets; Alps, Biarritz(RH & LH), Road
  • Blades; Cape, Eden(RH & LH)
  • Semi-Mallet; Redan

The Pure Feel Template series utilizes 304-Stainless Steel with bead blasted top-line and flange to eliminate glare and a CNC milled
micro-groove face that results in a finely balanced putter with a soft, consistent feel.

“The first thing you will notice about all six of these designs is the classic mirror stainless look” said Tour Edge Master Club Designer David Glod. “They are sleek designs and have a distinct, double-chrome finish with a silver frosted premium look and feel to them. The next thing you’ll notice is the unique oversized Pure Feel TAC grip. It’s a new material that is extremely tacky that we’ve started perfecting that is similar to the technology used in a wide receiver’s gloves in the NFL.

The oversized Pure Feel TAC grip provides a jumbo handle that is born from a special process called Thermal Plastic Suspension Polymerization(TPSP). The TPSP manufacturing process uses mechanical agitation to mix a monomer with a liquid, forcing the monomer to polymerize and form perfectly aligned spheres of polymer. These SP SuperTac polymer spheres form into white dots and protecting the grip and its cohesive stickiness from all elements and wear and tear.

A sleek, black Contrast Technology Alignment aide is featured on each putter design. All six putters have a 71 degree lie and 3 degree loft. Optic technology increase the contrast between the putter and green, helping golfers focus on the leading edge for an accurate aim.

The new models come in standard lengths of 33, 34 and 35 inches. The six putters will be available at a Tour Edge authorized retailer
February 1 with an MSRP of $99.99. Visit to locate a retailer or to order online.

Amid a host of manufacturing nominees in 2018, Tour Edge stood out with an unprecedented year of exceptional new offerings across multiple categories. The company also achieved a ramped presence on the PGA TOUR Champions this year. Founder and President David Glod continues to take a materials-first approach building products to suit the needs and requirements of players  rom all skill levels. Tour Edge was chosen as Company of the Year by SCOREGolf.