True linkswear Combining Innovative Comfort and Modern Golf Fashion

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True linkswear Combining Innovative Comfort and Modern Golf Fashion

Beyond tech and social media, I’ve never been an early adopter.  I hadn’t watched an episode of Seinfeld until it was syndicated and did not focus my attention on Breaking Bad until more than 8 years after the season finale.

I also like and wear what I like on the golf course, and I only recently discovered True linkswear shoes.  As we teed it up recently, I took note of my friend’s shoes and asked if they were as comfortable as they looked.  Alan said you won’t believe it.  Over the weekend, I visited the website and found a wide variety of styles, and it was as if the brand knew me quite well.

I then tracked down former caddie Jason Moore who co-founded True linkswear with his brother Ryan, a professional golfer whom I’d come to know when he won the John Deere Classic in 2016.

“Walking inside the ropes as a caddie, you really get to peek inside the world of some of golf’s greatest players. You’re not only carrying the bag and setting up a strategy to take on these, but you also spend a lot of time with your player testing equipment and seeing how it holds up in some of the toughest environments out there,” said Jason.

Being a part of that process allowed him to become very discerning about quality, durability, function, and comfort.

“Watching the best in the world try the clubs, the apparel, the shoes and provide genuine, unfiltered feedback was an enlightening and often humorous endeavor. That’s when I realized if we wanted tour players to want to wear our gear, we’d have to create something genuinely better – something of the highest quality that actually enhanced their time on the course. If we didn’t – we’d have to try the route that a most brands go, paying the athletes lots of money to use sub-par equipment, because they’re contractually obligated to do so, added Jason.”


Jason & Ryan Moore co-founders of True linkswear

And if that’s not enough, we arrived at the top 5 reasons to give True linkswear a try:

1 – Why should someone purchase True linkswear shoes?

Jason Moore: “Inspired by a lifetime of wearing clunky, overbuilt and uncomfortable golf shoes – we wanted to create something that you actually enjoyed wearing – on or off the course. If you haven’t tried TRUEs yet, it’s really our hope that you can be freed of the bondage, blisters, and overall experience most golf shoes offer and step into something comfortable, natural, and that looks just as good on or off the course.”

2 – Tell us about the all-day shoe.

Jason Moore: “Our new All Day Knit 3 is aptly named for exactly that reason. It’s lightweight, flexible, comfortable, and looks good in any scenario whether you’re playing 18 at your local course or meeting up with friends at the 19th hole. It’s new athletic profile also pairs well with any outfit, in any season.”

3 – You have so many styles to choose from.  Which one is most breathable for those humid days?

Jason Moore: “The OG Feel is the definition of a minimalist golf shoe. It’s breathable, lightweight, zero drop – meaning it’s as close to walking barefoot as you can get without getting grass stains on your feet. You can feel the breeze between your toes and the course under your heels; some golfers swear it helps read greens and provides a more natural experience on those sunny days.”

4 – In Florida, we need an all-weather shoe when the morning grass is full of dew, and there’s a 60 percent chance of rain before you finish your round.  What is your recommendation?

Jason Moore: “The LUX Hybrid was designed for exactly this scenario. It’s the best of both worlds and features a breathable Knit upper that both lets your feet breathe while keeping water out. You can easily wear this shoe in the morning to combat that early round dew while knowing your feet won’t get overheated if the sun does come out. And it features a 2-year waterproof warranty and can play in any environment, rain or shine.”

5 – You also launched a women’s line and have LPGA star Christina Kim as an ambassador.   Which shoe would you recommend to that female playing partner who might have just complimented you on your shoes?

Jason Moore: “The Women’s FS-01 is a classic, minimalist women’s sneaker with a similar silhouette to Vans or Converse. While it sports a clean, classic look – there’s years of R&D under the hood to provide stability, comfort, and performance both on and off the course. It’s easy to pair with an outfit in any scenario and comes in a variety of color options.”

Bonus question, because I am curious George:  What about that friend who says his shoes are never wide enough for comfort?

Jason Moore: “I’m really glad you asked about that hard-to-fit friend.  When we relaunched this thing back in 2017, the first shoe we made was the TRUE Original. It was the most natural feeling shoe we’ve ever made – zero drop, extra wide toe box – a very minimalist shoe overall. 6 years later, we’re still making the Original Series (now available in the Original 1.2, OG Feel, and OG Sport) that highlights all those features and more. If you’re looking for one of the widest, most natural-feeling shoes in the game – give the Original 1.2 a try. Our latest take on the classic model features a 2-year waterproof warranty and will make you a TRUE convert almost immediately.

TRUE linkswear LUX HYBRID Limited Edition Azalea

TRUE linkswear LUX HYBRID Limited Edition Azalea

Learn more at and hear from player ambassadors from the big tours, including the aforementioned Christina Kim, Chris Kirk, who recently ended a 7-year victory drought at the Honda Classic, Netflix sensation Joel Dahmen, Mark Hubbard, Dylan Wu and co-founder Ryan Moore who I suspect will be wearing a pair of these green and white Lux Hybrids upon his next return to the John Deere Classic.  They’d look great while glancing at the azaleas come the first week of April in Augusta.




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