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What is the one thing all golfers, amateur or pro have in common?  They want to score better. Doesn’t matter who you ask, all golfers want to improve their score. Most amateur golfers think taking lessons will solve all their problems.

If you are serious about improving your game, do what the pros do, play with clubs that were custom fit for the way you play the game, not the way somebody else plays.

From the beginning golfer to the seasoned amateur and professional golfer, True Spec, the worldwide leader in custom fitting, has been helping golfers unlock their game’s true potential with clubs that maximize their potential and performance.

The True Spec fitting process narrows down a golfer’s needs to a very specific club design. Going one step further, True Spec maps this custom club blueprint against more than 35,000 combinations of shafts and heads, sourcing from more than 30 of the industry’s top brands and manufacturers. While many fitters are brand affiliated, True Spec’s brand agnostic approach aims to eliminate any trend-based bias that might reflect the partnerships of the pros or the best advertising real estate on golf sites or blogs.

By upholding a dedication to golfer over brand, True Spec can offer the very best to its clients without considering brand affiliations or industry trends. Golfers can try out what really works best for them, and True Spec can guarantee 100% satisfaction with improved gameplay and a premium set of clubs.

I hadn’t been hitting my Driver as well as I would like, so I decided it was time to put True Spec to the test…I booked a fitting at True Spec Orlando, a state-of-the-art green grass fitting facility located within the David Leadbetter Academy at ChampionsGate.

My fitting started before I ever arrived with a Pre-Fitting Survey. This survey asked me a series of questions regarding my current equipment, golf background and goals and objectives of the fitting. This allowed my fitter to create a game plan for the fitting before I ever arrived and to help me focus on what I wanted to get out of my fitting.

Once I arrived and met my Master Fitter, Ryne Cole, he got me right out on the grass to start warming up. While I was focused on warming up, Ryne was focused on putting me at ease. It can be intimidating to know that all your swings are being monitored and analyzed. Ryne was able to take all the pressure off by carrying on a non-golf conversation which allowed me to just hit the ball with no pressure.

Since I was being fitted for a Driver, once I was warmed-up, he asked me to pull out my Driver and show him what it would do. After a few poorly hit shots, I got in my normal Driver groove and started sending shots off to the right. I told Ryne I wanted to be hitting draws but just couldn’t get the Driver to cooperate.

He patiently watched a few more then told me he had seen enough and had some recommendations. He grabbed several shafts and driver heads and told me we would do a few shots with each combination. It didn’t take long for him to tell me I think we’ve got a winner. Ryne’s expertise allowed him to narrow down the combinations to a select few without me having to hit everything, the opportunity was there for me try everything, but I appreciated the fact he was able to narrow down the selection so quickly.

We both felt really good about the shaft and head, so now it was time to ensure this was the right combination. I refused to ask or even look at the logo on the head. I wanted results, not brand recognition.  After hitting several more variations of shafts and heads, he told me he had it narrowed down to the top two but wanted to know if my feel matched what TrackMan said. “It’s not all about TrackMan, you have to be happy with the feel and results as well.”

It was like going to the eye doctor where they ask you what’s better A or B; then B or C? Then they do it again. I kept going back to A. Ryne told me yep, TrackMan agrees with that and if it feels that good to you then that is the one. I told him I wasn’t an expert on interpreting the numbers, but I could certainly agree with him based on the results I was seeing and the feel.

Finally, I was hitting a Draw with my Driver (well not mine yet, but soon to be).

With all the possible Driver Head and Shaft combinations, this process could have gone on for hours, but the entire process was quick and efficient.  Ryne used his knowledge, keen eye and TrackMan to pick the best combination and had me custom fitted in about 60 minutes.



Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to play better golf, you have found the answer.  With fitters and tech at the top of the industry, True Spec outshines any competition with an enthusiasm and devotion to provide the best for all clients.

Like a tailored suit versus something bought off the rack, a custom fit set of clubs is made to your specifications, designed to play to your strengths and compensate for your weaknesses. Built to help you play your best, custom fitting offers golfers improved confidence in their clubs, and no one does it better than True Spec.

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