USWING: From the Course to Your Eyes

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The Rise of USwing Golf Sunglasses

Clear vision on the course is paramount for any golfer. But traditional sunglasses can sometimes be more hindrance than help, altering depth perception and making it difficult to read subtle breaks on the green. Enter USwing Eyewear, a company that has carved a niche for itself in the world of golf by creating sunglasses specifically designed to enhance a golfer’s game.

The founder, Warren Fong, recognized the potential damage of the intense sunlight on his eyes while golfing. Unable to find a pair of suitable golf sunglasses on the market that met the essential criteria for golf, such as eliminating parallax and accurately distinguishing green patterns and slope, Fong set out to develop the first professional golf sunglasses in the world: one that would solve visual problems while playing golf under the bright sunlight. A research and development team of experts from the fields of optics, optometry, physics, chemistry, and ergonomics was set up in China. It took Fong and his team almost a decade to design the first Uswing sunglasses to perfection.

Finally, in 2019, the Uswing sunglasses were ready. Fong, a single-handicap amateur golfer, was playing in a Pro-Am Invitational tournament with six-time Major Champion Phil Mickelson. On the 14th hole, they disagreed on how a 4-foot putt would break. Mickelson thought the ball would break left to right, while Fong believed otherwise. Ultimately, Fong’s judgment proved to be correct, and he attributed his ability to read the green to his Uswing sunglasses.

Mickelson was so impressed by the improved ability to read greens with the glasses that he partnered with USwing and became a brand ambassador and co-designer of their signature line of sunglasses.

Mickelson’s involvement has been a major turning point for USwing. His endorsement not only lent significant credibility to the brand but also broadened its reach to a wider audience of golfers looking to elevate their own game.

Since the brand’s establishment, Uswing has continuously contributed to various eye protection charity organizations. It has also built a long-term relationship with Orbis International and Life-line Express Foundation to bring clear vision to patients with eye diseases.

The Green Advantage: Unveiling Benefits of USwing Sunglasses for Golfers

The key to USwing’s success lies in its unique lens design. Unlike traditional sunglasses, USwing lenses feature a central zone with enhanced clarity. This focus area aligns perfectly with where a golfer naturally looks when lining up a shot, providing a sharper image of the green and its subtle slopes and breaks.

Beyond central clarity, USwing lenses also incorporate a specific color tint, often greyish-green. This tint, similar to what pilots use, reduces glare and improves golfers’ ability to read the green, even in harsh sunlight conditions.

Another key advantage of USwing sunglasses is their weight. Crafted from high-grade nylon, the frames are incredibly light, typically weighing around 21 grams. This featherweight design minimizes any pressure on the bridge of the nose or behind the ears, ensuring golfers can focus on their game without discomfort.

USwing understands that golfers appreciate not just performance but also style. Their sunglasses are designed to be sleek and modern, complementing an athlete’s look on the course.

With its commitment to innovation, performance, and style, USwing is poised to continue its growth, helping golfers of all levels achieve their best game. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, USwing sunglasses offer a compelling combination of clear vision, lightweight comfort, and undeniable style, all designed to give you the edge on the green.


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