aboutGOLF is Golf Digest Editors’ Choice for Best “Premium” Golf Simulator

by | Jul 3, 2019 | News

aboutGOLF Limited, the world leader in golf simulator and golf performance technology, announced that its aG Curve simulator was named a Golf Digest Editors’ Choice for the Best Golf Simulator “Premium” category.

According to the article, “On the premium side of the spectrum is aboutGOLF’s aG Curve. Stated in the name, this simulator’s screen is constructed in a 180-degree arch, providing an immersive and panoramic aesthetic that’s boosted by ultra-HD resolution and custom lighting. A three-dimensional, high-speed camera and tracking system extract data from dozens of images per shot, providing accurate ball and club figures on any type of shot regardless of speed, spin or launch angle. A balance and weight-measurement system is placed under the mat to help you understand the distribution of weight, and the platform’s data collection features an A.I. clubfitting process. As for gameplay, there’s no shortage of first tees, with 76 venues like St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Whistling Straits and TPC Sawgrass.”

Randall Henry, Chief Golf Officer of aboutGOLF, says he is “thrilled about this recognition, but certainly not surprised. We believe this is the best simulator on the market. And it’s a wonderful confirmation to hear that the editors at Golf Digest agree.”

The aG Curve is aboutGOLF’s most versatile and dynamic simulator option. Infinite possibilities in simulator width, arc length, curve depth, and peripheral view make it flexible enough to fit most spaces. It has the ultimate image size for playing golf and features Picture-In-Picture (PIP) for everyone to enjoy. 180 degrees of arch can be created in some rooms providing the industry’s most immersive simulator environment.

aboutGOLF is the Platform for the Modern Golfer. Providing unmatched technology with endless entertainment. aboutGOLF is shaping the future of indoor golf performance experience. Taking on challenges presented by a new wave of golf enthusiasts, aboutGOLF is committed to investing in new innovations for even the most avid golfers to gain instant access to the game they love, while delivering the performance and accuracy needed to improve. Based out of Seattle, WA, aboutGOLF has earned the title as the world leader in golf simulator technology after 20 years in the industry. aboutGOLF is continually working to innovate, improve reach, and enhance customer experience. aboutGOLF is a registered trademark of aboutGOLF Global, Inc., located in Seattle, WA.