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REVOlutionary Innovation is the core of Revo’s DNA

Air 2 Revo Black is a part of the Revo brand that was created in 1985 by NASA engineer Mitch Ruda. He had the idea to use the advanced coating technology used by NASA to protect space helmets and satellites from solar radiation for everyday eye protection. The resulting sunglasses were REVOlutionary displaying crystal clear optics and cutting-edge polarized lenses and Revo quickly became a leading performance eyewear brand worldwide.

Thirty-seven years later, Revo continues to bring the latest in lens and frame technology with the Air 2 Revo Black.

The Air 2 Revo Black is an updated aviator inspired by Revo’s rich history, blending ingenious science with high-end performance to produce the highest-quality sunglasses. Crafted of 100% titanium, and weighing in at less than 0.5 oz, these are the lightest glasses  Revo has ever made.

Air 2 Revo Black Drive Lens

True to its name, this is the lens for behind the wheel or on the golf course. The polarized Drive lens of this frame features a red/brown base with a silver flash mirror coating that excels at separating colors down to a minute level. The Drive lens will enhance and improve the way you see the golf course (or your world). An exclusive, lightweight high-impact resistant material is used for the base, and then a series of unique coatings are applied to the front and back of the lens to maximize protection and performance.

Protecting Your Eyes

In recent years, we have all become more aware and conscious of protecting our skin from excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation. However many people (including golfers) do not think about protecting their eyes from those same harmful damaging UV rays.

It is hard to deny how dangerous exposure to direct sunlight can be. Research conducted over the last few decades has highlighted the fact that rays from the sun can lead to a variety of health complications. The more damage done to your eyes, the easier it is to experience consistent blurred vision, reduced ability to see clearly, and other problems. Thankfully, one of the biggest advantages of wearing Revo’s is that the lenses have been crafted to keep your eyes completely shielded from any potential damage.

Revo lenses are designed to reduce UV-A and UV-B rays of light from coming in direct contact with your eyes. This means that you can trust that your Revo glasses will shield you no matter what the light conditions outside might be.

Air 2 Revo Black Durable Frames

The Air 2 Revo Black frames have been designed to withstand whatever your life has in store. The frames are made from materials that are durable, flexible, and comfortable. These lightweight frames make it much easier to wear Revo’s for long periods of time. You don’t need to worry about the frames weighing on your face in an uncomfortable manner. In fact, these frames are so lightweight that you might forget you have them on.

What makes this collection stand out is the fact that it’s an innovation of both Revo’s lens technology and our frame technology,” said Cliff Robinson, CEO of Revo. “We’re working with the best materials available and doing so with passion. We think Revo Black really showcases the next generation of Revo.’

Air 2 Revo Black

Air 2 Revo Black with Drive Lens

Air 2 Revo Black Drive Lens on the Golf Course

Golfers who want a pair of sunglasses offering the clearest possible view of the course ahead should take a look at the Air 2 Revo Black Drive lenses. Aimed primarily at golfers who need first-rate optics to distinguish the subtle gradient over the green, Revo’s Drive lenses are equally well-suited to running, cycling, and more importantly, driving. However, on the golf course, the Drive Lens has no equal.

The Drive Lens (as is every Revo lens) is polarized, with a glare-reducing polarization filter layer in each lens to help preserve clarity on even the sunniest days. But that’s just one layer of the many layers that make up a Revo sunglass lens. On the outside of the glass is a scratch- and impact-resistant layer with an oleophobic coating that resists oil and fingerprints to keep your view unobscured. On the inside, an anti-reflective layer and a hydrophobic coating that repels sweat and moisture. The polarizer sits somewhere in the middle of the lens, in front of the color-neutral Revo sun lens, and behind anywhere from three to six specially developed mirror coatings based on NASA optical technology. These are the layers that makeup Revo’s revolutionary “Light Management System,” which the company says you can think of as sort of a pre-set audio equalizer, but for your eyes. These layers separate out and treat individual color ranges to yield a sharp, crystal-clear image with exceptional contrast.

Simply spend one day wearing these on the golf course and you’ll never go back!

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