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The Asics name is an acronym of the Latin motto “Anima Sana in Corpore Sano” which means “Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body”, which explains why Asics is known for making some of the most comfortable running shoes.

As a longtime wearer of Asics running shoes, I was very happy when Srixon/Cleveland Golf/XXIO announced a partnership with Asics and introduced the Gel-Course Duo BOA Golf Shoe.

Finally, an opportunity to have the Asics comfort on the golf course…that thought made my feet smile!


The Gel-Course Duo BOA offers a precise fit that caters to the natural shape of your foot.   This shoe is complemented with a low-profile design that provides improved traction and stability on the fairway and putting green. Equipped with the patented BOA Fit lacing system to offer lightweight support and padding while promoting a customized fit, this shoe is complemented with an external heel counter that reinforces stability, so you can stay focused on your swing. The midsole is layered with FLYTEFOAM technology which lightens the overall weight of the midsole, while the layer of GEL technology-based cushioning in the heel helps create comfort throughout the variation of the course.

The Gel-Course Duo Boa features an air mesh which provides excellent flexibility during the swing and while walking the golf course.  The air mesh with an integrated quarter panel are designed for a supportive fit, the internal molded heel counter which provides optimal foot support and the additional ankle padding which helps create a custom fit that adapts to every move.

The FLYTEFOAM technology is designed to provide lightweight shock absorption and exceptional durability in each shoe.

According to the company, the spikes are placed precisely to provide maximum stability and traction while walking the course through an FG traction sole pattern, while the Asics Rearfoot GEL brand technology provides cushioning which aims to reduce impact and increases shock absorption. The shoes also contain Toe and Lateral rubber wraps which are designed to help players maintain balance throughout the golf swing.

In my opinion, the most important feature is the BOA Fit/Lacing System. This patented lacing system provides micro-adjustable fitting through a quick adjusting dial to tighten or loosen the lacing. The BOA Fit System gives you the freedom to dial in the perfect fit for your foot (both of them, this is not a one size fits all).


The BOA lacing system is a patented system to replace traditional shoelaces with a patented micro-thin stainless-steel wire, connected to a turning knob. This knob is used to tighten or loosen your laces providing a fit like a glove fit.

The lace in the Boa Fit System is durable, made of multiple strands of ultra-thin aircraft grade stainless steel and coated by a specially engineered low friction polymer. The laces and the dial come with a lifetime guarantee.

The Boa Fit System provides a comfortable fit as snug as you want. Once locked into place, BOA laces stay that way. This powerful yet flexible closure allows the ideal amount of flexibility without compromise and no sacrifice to performance.

During your round, if your shoes start feeling a little too snug, which happens frequently – especially on a hot summer day, you can release pressure instantly in a matter of seconds. No slowing down of play while you retie your shoes multiple times during the round.

To take the shoes off, all you have to do is pull the knob up to activate the quick release function that completely releases the laces to allow you to easily slip out of your shoes.

This fitting system is ingenious.


  • A glove like custom fit; a smooth, even closure and no pressure points.
  • Secure. Once locked into place, Boa laces stay that way. This powerful yet flexible closure allows the ideal amount of flexibility without compromise that will sacrifice performance.
  • On the Fly Micro-Adjustability – easy, one-handed adjustment with a fast turn of the Boa dial offering infinite degrees of fine tuning.
  • Quick on. Quick off.
  • Consistent Fit – No stretch or loosening of the laces with wear during play or over time

ASICS is renowned for making shoes with an incredible fit and comfort and the Gel-Course Duo is no exception – this is the most comfortable golf shoe I have ever worn.


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