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Bridgestone 24 TOUR B X

by | Jan 4, 2024 | PRO SHOP

Jason Day, a member of the Bridgestone Golf team, will be playing in this week’s The Sentry tournament with a new ’24 TOUR B X golf ball. This ball features a unique graphic pattern that has never been seen before. It’s the first time it’s been in play.

“My ’24 TOUR B X includes a new visual technology that helps me optimize my performance,” Day said. “I’ve been working on this for a long time, and I’m excited Bridgestone will make this available to consumers very soon.”

Day believes that it will give him a competitive edge on the course and help him achieve his goals for the year. Bridgestone Golf is thrilled to have Day as a team member and is excited to see how he will fare with the new ’24 TOUR B X golf ball.

Day has been a loyal user of Bridgestone Golf Balls and has won several tournaments using Bridgestone Balls, including the 2015 PGA Championship. Day is known for his precision and power on the course, and he demands the best from his equipment.

Look for Bridgestone Golf to launch a complete next-generation family of TOUR B balls later this month.

Photo Courtsey of Bridgestone Golf

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