GELLIFLEX Customizable Self-Therapy Massage Device for Golfers

by | Apr 9, 2019 | Pro Shop

The Abacus, a self-care massager, helps relieve pain from repetitive movements and golfer’s elbow

Gelliflex Systems LLC launched the revolutionary Abacus®, the most customizable self-therapy massage device available on the market, PGA Show January, 2019.

“It’s hard to play your best when your wrists, forearms and elbows aren’t at theirs,” said Craig Olschansky, CEO and inventor of the Gelliflex Abacus. “The Abacus helps relieve pain to get golfers back on the course.”

As an avid golfer himself, Olschansky came up with the idea after suffering a variety of aches and pains and not finding a massage-therapy device to address all his needs.

Specially designed for self-care massage of fingers, hands, wrists forearms and elbows, the Abacus® is ideal for golfers both before and after play. It incorporates interchangeable, non-latex, rubbery feeling Gelliprene balls of different firmnesses (soft, medium and firm), that you can position on the Abacus frame in thousands of restorative combinations allowing you to adapt it for your own particular hand, wrist and forearm care. It is the squeeze ball re-imagined!

The patent-pending design is the only product that combines the features of a squeeze ball with forearm compression in one device and in a way that allows you to move fluidly from your hand to wrist to forearm to elbow and vice-versa — much like a therapist would provide. It is portable, simple and versatile. The Abacus® fits in a locker or a gym bag and you can use it standing or sitting. Unlike foam rollers, no need to crawl on the floor to use it.

During the PGA Show Demo Day at Orange County National Golf Center & Lodge in Orlando, Gelliflex showcased the Abacus to influential PGA Professionals and VIP retailers.

The Abacus regularly sells for $149 and additional accessories are also available for purchase.

About Gelliflex

Gelliflex Systems LLC is the creator of the Abacus®, the most customizable self-therapy massage device for hand, wrist, arm and elbow care of the market. This revolutionary gel-ball trigger point and self-massage product helps provide relief from repetitive movement, stress and golfer’s elbow. Please visit for more information.