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Goach – Your Fastest Route to Lower Scores

Mobile golf coach improves, trains, and evaluates your game.

An innovative app, Goach, has been developed by two sisters who possess professional golf expertise. Goach stands for golf coach, and it is designed to take a golfer’s game to the next level. The app’s goal is to drop 1 million strokes from the game of golf, and it operates on an aspirational mantra, “Your fastest route to lower scores.” Goach utilizes artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to assist golfers in achieving their objectives with ease and clarity.

“Goach is your personal coach that follows your every round, evaluates every part of your game and creates a personalized training plan for you to reach your scoring goal,” said Maria KosKna Angel, Goach co-founder and golf instructor/coach at Hayden Lake Country Club.

Maria KosKna Angel, her sister Anastasia KosKna, and David Angel, a software engineer, spent two years developing a mobile app. Maria and Ana played golf at Washington State University and professionally on the LPGA’s Futures Tour (now known as the Epson Tour).


Sisters Maria KosKna Angel and Anastasia KosKna

GOACH – Coach Report

“Playing competitive golf, I learned the importance of analyzing performance and using targeted training in an effort to reach my full potenial,” said Anastasia, who also played on the Ladies European Tour and is now director of Hayden Lake’s Junior Golf Academy and a WSU Hall of Famer.

With other golf apps on the market, the trio saw a need for a more user-friendly app to help golfers better understand their game and to learn how to “train and practice with purpose.” “We wanted to build a golf app that would truly deliver results and lower scores,” said David. “I’ve coupled my passion for both golf and software development to help build Goach.”

Goach empowers users to achieve their golfing goals by simply recording data during your round, taking less than 10 seconds per hole. The proprietary algorithms analyze over 10,000 data points from the user’s Goach Report to develop a customized training plan that is tailored to their specific strengths and areas for improvement. With Goach, users can confidently track their progress and see real results on the golf course.

With over 30,000 golf courses to choose from and the option to create custom courses, Goach is a comprehensive app for golf enthusiasts. You can easily download it from the Apple App Store and enjoy a 30-day free trial.

For more information, visit thegoach.com