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GolfERASERS is an innovative cleaning sponge for club faces, golf balls and shoes. The GolfERASERS 6-Pack includes a silicone golf bag tag tether that can hang from your golf bag. This way, it’s easily accessible to clean in between shots and putts. Just add water to the dual-sided sponge and remove grass, sand and dirt with the green scouring pad and fine-abrasive white side.


  • Remove dirt, mud, sand, and grass instantly from your golf balls, clubs, and shoes. Patent-Pending technology cleans better and lasts longer than any other eraser on the market. Far more effective than towels or brushes – keeps your towel clean for your hands.
  • The sponges only work when wet. Each sponge needs to be moistened before swiping club faces.
  • Reusable; If they begin to dry, simply add more water to fully reactivate.
  • Buff gently for maximum cleaning power; The softer and smoother you swipe, the easier the dirt and grime come off; Avoid rubbing or adding pressure for better results.
  • Keep your clubs bright clean throughout the match and improve your whole game.
  • Clean club faces help improve accuracy and overall performance.
  • GolfERASERS work better than stiff metal golf brushes and towels
  • Unique composition of sponge and scouring pad to increase durability, tougher than any other erasing sponge.


  • Step 1:  Use the Green Side of the sponge cleaner to scrub away dirt and grime. Scrub away larger chunks of dirt, grass, sand, etc.
  • Step 2: Wet the white side to clean grooves and make your clubs look like new. The wetter the better.

There is not much that needs to be said about GolfERASERS. Follow the instructions and you can turn your dirty club faces into clean clubs with very little effort or time. Spend 5 minutes after every round and keep all of your clubs looking like new. This is what 20 seconds of cleaning with GolfERASERS can do for your clubs. That’s proof enough to me that GolfERASERS will be hanging on my bag from now on.

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FYI: Fit Brands also makes SneakERASERS and AutoERASERS.


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