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GrayBull Club Begins Fund Raising Campaign for Future Fire Prevention

by | Mar 6, 2024 | NEWS

GrayBull Club, one of the more highly-anticipated private golf clubs being built today, was saved from a massive wildfire this past Feb. 26 thanks to fast-acting team menbers, as well as the property’s unique underground decoder-based irrigation system.

The fire, which originated in Noth Platte, NE.,  made its way toward GrayBull Club, a Dormie Network property in Maxwell, within two hours. Fueled by dry conditions and strong wnds, the fire burned more than 71,000 acres .

A fundraiser has been kickstarted to support the local volunteer fire department to fight future wildfires in the region.

GrayBull’s underground decoder-based irrigation – designed as a preventive measure against such emergencies – enabled the effective control and mitigation of the fire, showcasing the foresight in GrayBull’s infrastructure planning. This innovative approach was pivotal in protecting the course and minimizing damage during this critical event. Alongside the irrigation system, an onsite water truck utilized approximately 45,000 gallons of water to protect structures and put out hot spots.

The quick-thinking and coordinated efforts of the GrayBull team were instrumental in safeguarding the club. This successful firefighting effort was a testament to the strong partnership between the GrayBull team and local community members, showcasing their united front in times of crisis.

“We want to thank Michael Sheely, Director of Agronomy, the GrayBull team, and Ben Boehm, volunteer firefighter and Sampson Construction team member, for their prompt response to the wildfire,” said Zach Peed, president of Dormie Network. “Their swift actions protected GrayBull and prevented any injuries as a result.”

Although the fire burned around the course and all the way up to the edge of the fairways, the course remained untouched. An inspection has been done on all construction, facilities, and structures, but there has only been minimal damage to greens tarps, drainage pipes and construction materials.

In an effort to fight future wildfires, a matching donation fundraiser has been kickstarted. All funds raised up to $100,000 will be matched by Dormie Network Foundation and will help with the purchase of another fire engine for and to expand the current facilities of the Maxwell Volunteer Fire Department. The community is invited to join this vital fundraising effort to equip volunteer firefighters with the resources they need to protect the Sandhills. Donations may be made here.

Photo Courtesy of Dormie Network


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