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Green Books (from GolfLogix) are a straightforward green-reading handbook, designed (and priced!) for the everyday golfer to “Play Smarter.”

green-bookThe rules-compliant Green Books produces comprehensive 3-D imagery, including yardages, with the sophisticated green-contour information, used by the majority of Tour golfers in competition.

With the GolfLogix tour-level intel, golfers can reach into their back pockets, or golf bag, and read every putt, quickly and confidently, to facilitate lower scores and speed up play.

Professionals and amateurs alike have long trusted printed yardage books to confidently steer their decision-making. These durable and water-resistant Green Books are available for more than 14,000 courses.

Read Every Green Like the Pros

Green Books Features 

  • Heat Maps: Use the Heat Map view to analyze precise green slopes and know where to aim to nail your approach shots. Find yourself with more straight uphill birdie putts and stress-free pars using the arrows and colors to determine the direction and severity of the slope.
  • Putt Breaks: Use the detailed Putt Break view to gain extreme confidence in your read so you can sink more putts. With a quick glance, know which way your putt will break using the arrows between your ball and the cup.
  • Hole View: Hole View shows you where to land your tee shots to avoid hazards and plan your best approach shots. The bird’s-eye view of every hole on the course provides distances to hazards and layup areas. Swing with more confidence and hit more fairways.

“With our foundation as a software company, we are uniquely positioned to produce these Green Books with detailed course-specific intelligence that helps golfers read greens quickly and with confidence,” President of GolfLogix Pete Charleston said.

“It was important to us to make accurate green-reading maps accessible for the everyday golfer. I’m proud to say golfers can purchase a Green Book for less than it costs to play a round of golf at most courses.”

GolfLogix Green Books give golfers a quick and accurate read without having to walk around the hole, removing the cost of uncertainty by showing exactly how the putt will break on every hole.  Putting with the confidence of a quick and accurate read will speed up the game and shave strokes.

Green Books help you sink more putts, stick your approach shots, and manage the course.

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