MLA Target Defender Putter

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Pro Shop

It’s not often I start an article with the recommendation first, but I am doing so here.  You need to give the MLA Target Defender putter a good hard look at replacing your current putter.

It might be a rather trivial start, but I like the aesthetics of the MLA Target Defender putter. The visually appealing and aggressively styled P2 hybrid saddle pistol grip of the MLA Target Defender Series putter lets you know from the start that this is a force to be reckoned with.  The unique positioning of the shaft towards the back within the large grip and the flat sides allow a sense of the putter being a natural extension of your arms.  Holding the MLA Target Defender putter square to the ball just seemed right, as the grip of the MLA Target Defender putter almost forces your hands to be in the exact right position to hold this club.

Not only did the weight distribution of the MLA Target Defender putter head seem to align perfectly with my hand position, it effortlessly rested in a ready to strike full on position.  And when striking the ball, the MLA Target Defender putter’s response allowed you to know right away if the strike was solid, which more so was consistently occurring due to the better grip style that fit my hand.

Another curiously illuminating aspect of the MLA Target Defender putter is how effectively I could determine if the line I was putting on is straight.  I admit I was a bit skeptical on hearing how their patented Multiple Line-detector Activation (MLA, get it?) alignment technology could improve your game, but as I focused on the Multiple Line-detector Activation points, I could more easily and clearly see that parts of my stroke weren’t straight. Although it took a few holes to fully understand what the Multiple Line-detector Activation system was actually doing, once I finally allowed it to control my stroke instead of continuing to perform the compensatory movements of my old stroke did I see any actual improvement.  This system also showed me how I was compensating in my swing when opening my putter face upon striking the ball.  Now to see how I can judge the lines better.

The MLA Target Defender putter looks appealing, felt naturally at rest in square position to the ball, and almost immediately helped me see the lines of my putt more clearly. The MLA Target Defender putter will be a great addition to your bag and to your putting game.


  • HEAD WEIGHT: 360g
  • LOFT: 3°
  • LIE: 70°
  • LENGTH: 34″ standard, 32″, 33″, 35″, 36″
  • HAND: Available in RH only
  • FINISH: Silver & Black
  • GRIP: WINN pistol (standard) – 79g

This putter is face balanced giving you the best of three elements, the slim design, the great sound and forgiveness. MLA’s U.S. patented perceptual perfect alignment technology is present, yet in a sophisticated smaller pattern to give that accurate aim every time. The overall design is a master piece! This putter performs at the highest possible level.

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