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Most amateur golfers want to and need to work on their game but having time to head to the driving range for a little practice, just doesn’t exist. When you do squeeze a session in, many times it turns into a session of just pounding balls. You are more interested in finishing the bucket than working on the fundamentals of a good swing.

If you are serious about quality practice, one of the best things you could do is set up a home practice station with a quality hitting mat and golf net.  If you give yourself 5-10 minutes a day, without being rushed, it won’t take long for you to groove that swing into a picture-perfect swing.

With so many golf mats to choose from, how do you find the right mat?  Not all golf mats are created equal.

There are many factors that should be considered, but the three biggest factors should be:

  1. Mat Size: one-piece, two-piece, or a mini hitting mat
  2. Does the mat mimic hitting off real grass and not give you Turf Shock (joint pain commonly caused by hitting off mats that have no give to the surface)
  3. Durability – will you get years of service without a loss in quality of the hitting surface?

With those factors in mind, I started looking for the best mat I could find for my home practice station…what I found was the Monster Mat.

The Monster Mat, for home use, comes in two one-piece sizes, 3’ x 5’ or 5’ x 5’. Both are reasonably priced, in fact less expensive than most of their competitors. I went with the larger 5’ x 5’ size.

All Monster Mats have a 1 1/8″ Z-Pro fiber fortified hitting surface that features a premier shock system that virtually eliminates hand and elbow shock.  The mat surface simulates natural grass by using crimped fiber & curved blades for the look and feel of natural grass. The fiber also has a non-crush composition that prevents worn-out spots or low areas in the mat after repeated use.

Made with a closed-cell support layer that enhances the real-grass feel that also prevents the mat from curling once it is laid out flat, the Monster Mat checks all the boxes for durability and long life.

When my Monster Mat arrived by UPS in a tightly rolled up shrink wrapped wrapper, my first thought was will this ever lay flat?  To my surprise, there were instructions included that recommended I lay the mat out flat for a few hours to allow the mat to adjust to the temperature. This seasoning was described as a necessary step that would prevent the mat from curling and ensure mat longevity.

As eager as I was to try the mat out, I followed the instructions. I was amazed at how quickly the mat became completely flat. I mean completely flat, no hints that this piece of turf was ever rolled up.

I’ve been hitting off my Monster Mat every day now for over two weeks and have to say it is absolutely the best surface I have ever hit off of and is still flat as a pancake.

It’s hard to describe the feel of hitting a ball off of The Monster Mat. There is no false bounce, no turf-shock only instant real-feel feedback, just like hitting a ball out of real grass. In addition, there is no green residue left on your club. So many other mats after a few swings, the bottom of your club face is left with a green residue that doesn’t come off easily. With the Monster Mat, the green residue doesn’t exist, so no green club-head residue to clean.

Things You Need to Know About The Monster Mat

  • One-year unconditional warranty – no questions asked.
  • Simulates natural grass by using crimped fiber & curved blades for the look and feel of natural grass.
  • Non-crush composition avoids low, worn-out spots.
  • Exclusive Z – PRO LSR Fiber sheds (not absorbs) moisture, reducing life-shortening bacteria growth.
  • Closed-cell support layer provides comfort and long performance life – Will NOT curl once laid out.
  • UV-stabilized fibers prevent color transfer to the face of the club – No Green residue on your clubs.
  • Only Manufacturer that has access to the materials (in fact other mat sellers are trying to buy Monster Mats and put their own name on them).
  • Patented Backing System with Premier Shock System – No Hand and Elbow Shock.
  • Includes a tee holder that accepts regular golf tees, without inserting the tee into the mat.
  • Made in the U.S.A for over 48 years (Family-owned business).

Mat Maintenance

Rotate the mat a quarter turn once a month so that the mat receives even wear. Also, once every 6 months (or before storage), stand the mat up and power wash from approx. 18” away to remove all loose debris and dirt. This will help to prolong the life of the mat.

Bottom Line

If you are serious about building a golf home practice station, getting the right golf mat is the first step and a Monster Mat will provide you with the best mat for the money – period.

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