Overload Golf Ventures Acquires Henry-Griffitts

by | Oct 7, 2018 | News

Overload Golf Ventures is pleased to announce that it has acquired Henry-Griffitts, the industry pioneer in club fitting and club fitting education. “Henry-Griffitts has a long history of pioneering products and expertise for the golf industry,” says Brett Campbell, partner at Overload Golf Ventures. “The company, which pioneered clubfitting, has never shied away from incorporating cutting edge technology into everything it does, we plan to bring Overload Golf Ventures resources to help leverage this expertise and drive the future innovation of club fitting”

Overload Golf Ventures has appointed Austin Fazio, a golf industry veteran as the new CEO of Henry-Griffitts.  Austin has grown up in the golf business and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to drive the next chapter of Henry-Griffitts.   “With all of the great history and relationships Henry-Griffitts has developed in the last 35 years, the company is uniquely positioned to take advantage of new technologies and partnerships, to drive new products and remain a leading innovator in the industry.” says Austin.

Henry-Griffitts was founded by Randy Henry and Jim Griffitts in 1983 and had long been a family owned and operated company.  Overload Golf is bringing that back while having Randy Henry lead the advisory board for product development and education.

Henry-Griffitts will be hosting multiple training schools throughout its locations worldwide and will also be hosting education seminars at the 2019 PGA Show.

About Overload Golf Venture.

Overload Golf Ventures (“OGV”) is a venture capital firm led by general partners who come from finance, technology and golf. Its first fund, Overload Golf Ventures Fund I, is a $25 million fund focused on deploying capital to innovative companies in golf, to bring access and grow the industry. aboutGolf is one of a few companies OGV has already invested in. The fund will have an initial close of the fund in the fall of 2018. To contact Overload Golf Ventures, email us at golfinfo@overloadgolf.com or visit www.overloadgolf.com

About Henry-Griffitts

Henry-Griffitts is the pioneer of dynamic clubfitting and originator of the lie board, interchangeable heads and dynamic fitting, as well as the clubfitting cart. Dedicated to the symbiotic relationship between swing and equipment, Henry-Griffitts custom fits clubs through its national network of H-G Certified Teachers and then hand-assembles those clubs to the tightest industry specifications. Henry-Griffitts was founded in 1983 by golf professionals Randy Henry and Jim Griffitts who recognized that custom-fit golf clubs consistently enhance golfer performance. Since then, Henry-Griffitts has been at the industry’s forefront developing products and methods that focus on performance for both teachers and students.

To contact Henry-Griffitts, email us at info@henry-Griffitts.com or visit www.henry-griffitts.com