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ROKA Sunglasses

You might not have heard of ROKA Sunglasses before, but if you are looking for a lightweight glasses frame that will literally stick to your face, then the ROKA TL Series is for you.

In addition to the unbelievably lightweight frames, the ROKA TL Series also features unmatched optics in various lens colors in two lens sizes designed for all levels of sun intensity.

The ROKA Story

Two former collegiate athletes created the brand with a passion for creating technology that helps people maximize their potential. From their humble start in an Austin, Texas garage, ROKA was built on the idea of making it better than before. By merging the power of premium materials and radical engineering, they certainly have done so.

ROKA TL Series Sunglasses

The TL Series, available in two sizes (TL-1 and TL-1x), is fitted with customizable titanium core wires that offer ultralight stability while allowing the wearer to adjust the temple pieces for a precision fit. Wrapped in GEKO, the core wire fit system ensures unmatched security, retention, and comfort for every athlete. Featuring world class C3 lens and lens coatings and simple lens interchangeability, the TL Series delivers an uncompromising sport frame for any sport.

ROKA TL Series

ROKA Lenses

ROKA turned to the experts to supply their lenses and coatings, Carl Zeiss.

ROKA optics are more than just a lens. Designed for performance in real-world conditions. The Roka C3 Optics have an anti-scratch, anti-fog, and anti-reflective coating. They also repel moisture thanks to the hydrophobic coating, which allows water drops to bead up and roll off quickly. The lenses are crystal clear without any noticeable distortion or imperfections, with excellent protection against sunlight.

Critical performance coating includes:

  • Front and back-side hydro/oleophobic coatings keep moisture of any kind from sticking on the lens.
  • Front and back-side anti-scratch protection.
  • Multi-layer anti-reflective back-side coating.
  • Anti-fog coating on the back of the lens.
  • Multi-layer mirror coating or polarization film.

ROKA Comfort


ROKA GEKO Temple Pads

Roka Sunglasses are unbelievably lightweight and comfortable. The TL Series is no exception. The ultralight frames make it easy to forget you’re even wearing sunglasses. At the same time, the frames feel very sturdy, and the hinges are solid with no play. While very lightweight, the sunglasses are definitely not delicate.

One of the key features of all ROKA glasses is the patented GEKO grip on the temples and nose pads. Inspired by the Gecko’s soft but amazingly sticky feet, the fit and retention system features proprietary plastic nose and temple pads that are hydrophilic (moisture absorbing), chemical resistant, and support multi-directional traction with comfort. No matter how sweaty you get and which way you move, bounce, or shake –– you’ll never have to worry about slippery frames falling off your face.

ROKA  Bottom Line

The ROKA philosophy of making it better than before is demonstrated in the TL Series. These sunglasses were designed from scratch with no shortcuts and built for performance. When every gram counts, every ROKA decision made in the design resulted in the lightest performance sunglasses in the market without compromising on optics, strength or durability.

ROKA TL Series are truly sunglasses made better than others.


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