Sacks Parente Golf Putters Introduced at the 2019 PGA Show​​

by | Feb 10, 2019 | Pro Shop

Sacks Parente Golf Company, builders of exceptional putters that defy convention, announced the introduction of its innovative new putter technology in 2019

Sacks Parente Golf Company was founded by Steve Sacks and Richard Parente, a legendary duo of golf professionals, who as entrepreneurs have founded, built and grown some of the best names in golf for more than a combined 100 years. With four innovative designs including the Series 39 Blade, Series 54 Mallet, Series 66i Cavity Back, and Series 18 Cavity Sole, they are offering a complete line of putters.

The vision of Sacks Parente is to deliver the most scientifically perfect putters to help golfers make more putts. All Sacks Parente designs feature the company’s patented Ultra-Low Balance Point (ULBP) technology, which is defined as a balance point 5” or less from the sole of the putter. This balance point creates a natural putter release, squaring the head at impact, even in high stress situations. In addition, all SPG putters maximize MOI by combining the use of ultra-light weight alloys and high-density tungsten, to significantly move more weight from the center of the putter to the heel and toe. The company has numerous patents and patents pending in regard to the science associated with these exceptional putters.

“Our goal in designing the SPG putters was to use proven, science-based methodology to deliver real innovation,” said Steve Sacks. “We feel that we have succeeded in developing a line of putters that defy convention and actually improve a player’s game. After years in development we’re excited to introduce them at the PGA Merchandise Show.”

SPG putters are designed, engineered and crafted from only the finest steels, alloys, aluminums, composites, tungsten and exotic metals to deliver exceptional playability. They are assembled with rigorous attention to detail and every component is produced to the most exacting standards possible.

“Our technology is a game changer,” said Rich Parente. “It’s easy to create a low balance point if you oversize and over weigh the putter head. However, at Sacks Parente we use a standard head weight of 350-360 grams. It’s our technical achievement in shaft and grip design that solidified the ULBP technology.”

At an average weight of 30 grams Sacks Parente grips are less than half the weight of typical grips found in today’s market. These unique grips are designed and engineered to enable the ULBP technology, and to also meet specific requirements for feel and comfort. They come in three variations, to meet every golfer’s unique grip style.

Sacks Parente shafts have been engineered from the ground up to meet specifications never before contemplated in a putter shaft. SPG shafts weigh between 30-35 grams, enabling the ULBP technology, and they transmit a feel not achievable with steel. Achieving this level of performance at less than 1/3 the weight of a typical steel shaft is an engineering marvel that actually translates to more putts made.

During the past five decades, Richard Parente has been an industry leader with design innovations that have changed the way golf clubs are designed and manufactured. In 1980, he cofounded Hickory Stick, which was renamed Callaway Golf in 1982. He was the first President of Callaway. In 1994, Rich became a co-owner and President of Goldwin Golf, a fast-growing company reaching more than $35 million dollars in sales in 1997. He also founded Golf Laboratories, an independent testing company, which uses advanced robotics for research and development. Rich was a 20-year PGA club professional, which allowed him to understand the tastes of the playing public. Rich has nearly 40 patents granted and pending. Among the break through products designed or co-designed by Rich Parente are: Ultra-Low Balance Point, Callaway S2H2 system, CNC milled putters, CNC milled metal woods, and third wedge and three wedge sets.

Steve Sacks has been in the golf industry since 1974. In the last 40+ years he has been a pioneer in golf marketing and manufacturing. He has done extensive research in the use and effectiveness of alternative materials for golf club manufacture and in golf club design. In 1993 Steve co-founded Goldwin Golf, where he oversaw the complete marketing efforts for the company. In 1996 he became the Director of Sales and Marketing for Carbite Golf. Steve’s deep knowledge of the golf market, trends, club design and manufacturing history have made him a favorite source of golf writers seeking to authenticate stories. He is also in demand as a consultant to several golf manufacturers and national organizations. He has founded, consulted, designed or worked for all of these entities over the course of his lifetime in golf: Aserta Sports, Bridgestone Golf, Carbite Golf, Daiwa Golf, Goldwin Golf, Golf Headquarters, Golf Technology Systems, Kmart, Rife Putters, and Yamaha Golf.

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About Sacks Parente Golf

Sacks Parente Golf is based in Camarillo, California, in a facility designed with state-of-the-art robotics and analytic instruments to test and prove the science of putting. The company is backed by sophisticated and strategic investors from the USA and Japan. Sacks Parente Golf is an NXV company.