StrackaLine Celebrates 10+ Years of Innovation With Continued Growth and a Bright Future

by | Apr 24, 2019 | News

StrackaLine is celebrating 10+ years of PGA Tour usage in 2019, and the company’s innovative nature has kept its industry leading greens guides at the forefront of a market that has expanded far beyond the professional game.

StrackaLine launched with the purchase of the “Gorjus” George Lucas yardage book business. President Jim Stracka transitioned a company that distributed hand-drawn yardage books into one that deployed patented 3-D laser scanning technology to map greens with accuracy down to the millimeter.

StrackaLine Timeline:

2007 – StrackaLine invented and introduced at PGA Show
2008 – First Green Reading Book on PGA Tour
2009 – Green Reading books made available to regular golfers
2011 – First Green Reading app in Apple and Android stores
2013 – First Hole Location technology brought to golf courses
2015 – Collegiate teams adopt StrackaLine Green Reading books
2019 – USGA approves StrackaLine Green Reading books for all golfers
2019 – StrackaLine graphics are used by tournament broadcast

The quality of the books led to use on all major North American pro tours and eventually adoption by more than 300 Division I college teams. StrackaLine greens guides have been used to claim professional majors and NCAA championships, with success bringing greater familiarity of the product to the public.

While StrackaLine has long catered to high level competitive players, the company has crisscrossed America in recent years, scanning courses and helping “regular” golfers enjoy access to the same technology the game’s greatest players enjoy.

StrackaLine’s greens maps, which feature easy to read arrows, allow players to view contour and fall lines, in addition to slope percentage, and are now available for more than 900 courses throughout America.

While some companies have struggled to comply with the USGA’s new interpretation of Rule 4.3, which went into effect on Jan. 1 2019 and limited the scale size of the greens maps, StrackaLine worked with the USGA every step of the way, ensuring compliance for its guides. As a matter of fact, StrackaLine recently received a certificate from the USGA declaring its books legal.

The technology that has revolutionized the way golfers read greens has also changed the way forward-looking superintendents set pin positions. StrackaLine’s new hole location software (HoLo) allows superintendents to set upwards of 200 pin locations, based on slope and edge clearance.
The ability to set pin positions based on data helps improve pace of play and course conditions by ensuring hole locations are set fairly, and superintendents have the ability log hole locations for future reference.

StrackaLine has been looking forward since the day the company was founded, willing to innovate and find ways to help make the game better for players and courses alike.

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