Super Heros for Superstroke

by | Jun 19, 2024 | Pro Shop

SuperStroke, which more than a decade ago created a paradigm shift in putter grips technology, is introducing the newest additions to its product line: officially licensed Marvel Super Hero putter grips featuring Hulk, Iron Man, and Spider-Man.

Each grip—a SuperStroke Zenergy Tour 2.0 model—showcases the featured Superhero’s signature colors, such as Iron Man-inspired red and gold, Spider-Man-inspired blue and red, and Hulk-inspired green. Each grip comes with a matching ball marker highlighting the accompanying character.

“Who wouldn’t want to feel like a Super Hero every time they putt? With SuperStroke’s new Marvel grips, you can add a touch of confidence, performance and playful style to your game,” says SuperStroke CEO Dean Dingman. “We’re proud to introduce this Marvel collection of Zenergy Tour 2.0 putter grips to appeal to golfers of any age, who are fans of Hulk, Iron Man and Spider-Man.”

The Tour 2.0 putter grip embraces SuperStroke’s classic and highly sought-after putter grip profile. The Tour Series parallel design offers a consistent lower hand profile to reduce grip pressure, ensuring a steady putter head path for a more reliable and uniform stroke.

Photo Courtesy of SuperStroke