Toptracer Announces Strategic Partnership with CBIGG Management

by | Jun 8, 2021 | News

Current and Future Toptracer Range Technology Installs will Bolster CBIGG’s Ongoing Mission in Becoming Thought Leaders in the Golf Course Management and Operation Industry

Dallas, Tx – Toptracer, a division of global sports and entertainment leader Topgolf Entertainment Group, has announced a multi-year partnership with property and golf course ownership group, C-Bons International Golf Group Management, LLC (CBIGG Management LLC). CBIGG owns 26 golf properties throughout the United States, with seven currently installed with Toptracer Range, showcasing technological innovation and unmatched experiences for existing customers and newcomers designed to grow the game of golf.

Developed to connect people and communities in meaningful ways, Toptracer is committed to driving the future of golf through its on-screen or mobile solutions that provide shot shape and pertinent data such as distance, ball speed, launch angle and height. With more installs being scheduled, the partnership will enable CBIGG to offer a modern data-driven practice environment for avid golfers, or an interactive and fun experience for new guests at their managed courses.

“We believe CBIGG is at the forefront of implementing innovative technology to grow the game of golf as one of the premiere golf management groups in all of North America,” said Ben Sharpe, president of Toptracer Range Global. “We are excited about this partnership as we anticipate connecting more groups and communities through CBIGG’s list of growing golf properties.”

Currently, CBIGG outfitted several of its facilities with Toptracer Range technology, including Eldorado Country Club (McKinney, Texas), Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club (Richmond, Texas), Ridgeview Ranch Golf Club (Plano, Texas), Silverhorn Golf Club (San Antonio, Texas), Thorntree Golf Club (DeSoto, Texas), Tour 18 Golf Course (Humble, Texas) and Willow Fork Country Club (Katy, Texas).

“At CBIGG, one of our key tenets is to be non-traditional and innovative, and we are committed to developing unique and innovative golf facilities around the country,” said Dale Folmar, Vice President of Operations at CBIGG. “By partnering with Toptracer, our properties will differentiate themselves from traditional facilities and set a new standard for excellence in the golf experience. The data that Toptracer can provide our golfers as they practice or simply participate in various local and global contests sets our practice areas apart from others in our markets. Thus far, the feedback from our guests and Members has been incredible, they are truly enjoying the experience.  We look forward to growing alongside Toptracer and implementing the system throughout our portfolio.”

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