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by | Feb 9, 2022 | News

Clarity Golf a golf technology company focusing on the world of launch monitors, simulators, and related technologies introduced three new products at the 2022 PGA Show.

According to Clarity Founder and President, Bill Bales, “these three innovative products are innovation, price disruption, and customer love, but those are just the rules we live by – and they come with every product we sell.”

If you know anything about the Golf Simulator industry, then you may remember Bill Bales’ first indoor golf company AboutGolf.

AboutGolf forever changed the industry with the introduction of radar to indoor golf. Followed this up with the first simulators to integrate seamless screens, sophisticated video systems, force plates, online competition, and countless other innovations. So, it goes without saying Bill Bales has been the brains behind the golf sim business for a very long time. When he speaks, people listen.

The new products announced are:

ClarityDesign: Clarity, which states that their margins are on the order of 80% less than some name brands, has further shaped and defined its turnkey indoor simulator design and integration service, which promotes the following:

  • A free future swap for Clarity’s new tracker in development.
  • 25% off all future Clarity add-on components for life.
  • Free tech support for life.
  • Assurance of providing the best components for the best prices.

ClarityForce: Clarity will introduce its new dual force plate system with robust hardware design and user friendly software. The most interesting feature of the product is the disruptive pricing. Where comparable products sell for around $7,000, ClarityForce will have a list price of $3,000 and a PGA Show price of just $2,000.

ClarityNano: Nano is a unique and innovative product in the world of golf simulators. Internally referred to as “Project Orpheus”, Nano is a comprehensive scientific system that enables highly realistic golf sim play in much smaller spaces than ever before. Patents are applied for.

“This is either going to be one of the biggest successes in the history of indoor golf, or a mere glorious experiment. But our testing indicates the former. I’ll find out soon if I’m Steven Spielberg or Michael Cimino,” said Bales.

While innovation, pricing, and service are the rules Clarity lives by, ClarityDesign, ClarityForce, and ClarityNano are the first of countless future innovative products Clarity has in the process.

Clarity.Golf has assembled a team and a physical facility to produce indoor golf simulator enclosures and screens. “We wrote the book on enclosure design and our team includes folks who were there with me from the beginning. We have established a line of custom options of the highest quality for the absolute best prices–and our warranty is the best in the industry,” said Bales.

Clarity.Golf’s goal is to become any buyer’s top choice for planning and executing on their simulator purchase. “From day one we will remain focused on providing the best aggregated simulators, enclosures, and screens, but also once folks learn of our willingness and knowledge to provide advice on their choices, and in planning their business if a commercial endeavor, we are hopeful we’ll become any sim owner’s newest best friend”, said Bales.




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