Every Day is Earth Day at Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World

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As Earth Day approaches on April 22, 2024, Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort reinforces the Resort’s commitment to environmental stewardship with the introduction of several new initiatives. In addition, the Resort highlights its Tom Fazio-designed golf course certification as an Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary, showcasing its dedication to preserving natural habitats and announcing a recently appointed dedicated landscape horticulturist.

Four Seasons Resort Orlando is one of the more acclaimed luxury resorts in all of Florida – and an ideal headquarters for families to explore Central Florida and the Disney theme parks. The resort also offers plenty of amenities without ever leaving its well-manicured grounds. Here’s a closer look:

Four Seasons Golf and Sports Club Orlando

At Tranquilo Golf Course at Four Seasons Golf and Sports Club Orlando, the 18-hole course receives its certification as an Audubon Sanctuary each year, largely due to the team’s efforts in making the course a welcoming, natural habitat for wildlife. One example of this is how the team has installed 18 birdhouses on the course, enabling nesting by bird species, including bald eagles, osprey, great horned owls, eastern screech owls, and purple martins.  It’s also common to spot deer and turtles along the golf course.  In addition to habitat conservation and wildlife management, the team also works on water conservation and quality, as well as environmental planning. The golf course is unique in Central Florida due to its wooded location, and the course is accessible only to registered resort guests and members of Four Seasons Golf and Sports Club Orlando.

Herb Garden at Ravello

The Il Giardino Della Riviera Italiana is a new organic Italian Riviera-style herb garden located on Ravello restaurant’s al fresco terrace. The herb garden boasts a variety of aromatic herbs, including basil, rosemary, thyme, mint, marjoram and sage. The fresh herbs will be incorporated into Ravello’s modern Italian recipes, enhancing the Resort’s culinary offerings while promoting sustainability through local sourcing.

Intentional Landscape Architecture and Oversight

Four Seasons Resort Orlando has appointed Mark Russell as Landscape Horticulturist. Russell brings a wealth of experience, including his prior role as leader of sustainability initiatives at Cherrylake Inc., where he was responsible for designing, installing, and maintaining gardens using native Florida plants and flora. His expertise will be instrumental in implementing and maintaining sustainable landscaping practices throughout the Resort.

“It’s an honor to be part of an organization that loves and cares so much about our planet, and I’m grateful to work with a wide range of Florida native plants that support and revive our ecosystems,” says Russell.

Russell’s fervent dedication to environmental sustainability drove him to pursue certification as an arborist and horticultural professional, and to specialize in tree risk assessment. His extensive knowledge of trees and plants is a true asset to Four Seasons, as the Resort boasts 114 different plant species on property and more than 1,140 trees. There are also 927 palms and 72,000 shrubs/ground covers. The abundant landscaping adds to the environment and provides a wonderful setting for native wildlife.

Beekeeping Program

Four beehives have been installed in a dedicated area of land near the golf course grounds, with the aim of bolstering bee populations to support local ecosystems. Through nurturing their growth with nectar plants native to Central Florida including saw palmetto, the Resort team hopes to achieve a bountiful harvest of honey.

earth day

“Our focus on sustainability reflects our commitment to making a positive impact on the environment,” says Adrien Harel, Resort Manager at Four Seasons Resort Orlando. “Through initiatives such as our herb garden and beekeeping program, we aim to not only enhance the guest experience, but also promote biodiversity and conservation efforts.”

The honey from the hives will be used in various desserts, cocktails, breakfast dishes and more around the Resort. In addition, the Resort plans for the honey to, in time, be used in The Spa’s signature Healing Honey Treatment, which currently uses local Winter Garden Honey Co.

Tree Planting

Each year, Four Seasons Resort Orlando plants a tree on the property in celebration of Earth Day. This year, the team is set to plant eight yaupon holly trees. These trees are known for their production of tiny, sweet-smelling, nectar-filled white flowers, which bloom on separate male and female plants during the spring season. The small, vibrant green leaves of the yaupon holly serve as a vital food source for butterfly larvae, while their flowers attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Additionally, in the fall, fertilized female shrubs produce bright red drupes that last through winter, providing essential sustenance for small mammals and songbirds.

Photos Courtesy of Four Seasons Orlando Resort at Walt Disney World Resort


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