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Want to Improve Your Game? Get Custom Fitted the Club Champion Way!

Were you and your clubs made for each other? Or are they the ones that you thought looked the best, had the best commercial, your favorite Tour Player plays with or something else that convinced you these were the clubs you had to have?

Being custom fitted for clubs is something most high-handicap golfers think they are not good enough for. Really,  it’s just the opposite!  We are the golfers the custom fitting is going to provide the most benefit for.  A PGA Tour Player could play with just about any set of clubs and have a good round, while for the rest of us, what we hold in our hands dictates the outcome of our game. We may understand why the ball flight is left or right –  but are we capable of swinging differently to make up for it?  Probably not.

I personally need every advantage I can get in my game, and having the right equipment is a big part of that process. You can spend a lot of money on lessons, but there is only so much an instructor can do to help you if you don’t have the right equipment. Think of it as trying to win the Daytona 500 with the car that won the race 10 years ago. It probably couldn’t be done because technology is changing so quickly.

I decided to put it to the test…I was in the market for a new driver, so I booked my appointment at Club Champion in Orlando.

When I arrived for my appointment with Richie at Club Champion, we spent a few minutes just talking about golf.  He wanted to know what I enjoyed about playing and what my current tendencies were. He wanted to know why I wanted a new driver and what my expectations were. He was truly interested in knowing what I wanted out of my game, not in just selling me a driver.

He had me loosen up by hitting my 9-iron, then I moved on to my current driver. After a few minutes, Richie, started giving me the stats on my club head speed, ball speed, smash factor and explaining why I was not getting the results with my current setup. While I continued to find my groove, Richie was busy gathering shafts and heads and putting some new combinations together for me to try.

After a couple of swings with the first combination he gave me he asked what I thought. I told him it felt a little soft, he said that’s good, your feel matches the numbers from TrackMan and he agreed it was too soft (flexible) for me. He said that was what he was expecting but always wanted TrackMan to prove the point, never let his own assumptions make the decision.

On to the next shaft and the next and the next…Richie keep repeating to me, finding the right shaft was the most important part of the process, you must get the shaft right and then get the head right.

Once we were satisfied with the shaft it was time to find a head. We repeated the same try this, then this, process until he had me dialed in to what not only was producing good numbers but felt right. I didn’t have to look at TrackMan to know what I was hitting was producing good results.

Then just to prove the results we went back to one of the other shafts with the driver head that was producing the best results. It was good but not as good, so back to the combination that was giving me the best results.

He then wanted to know if I was satisfied or if I would like to continue the process…he was ONLY satisfied when I was 100% satisfied with the setup and the results I was obtaining.

The entire process was quick and efficient. Considering the endless combinations of shafts and heads, this could have taken hours to find the right setup, but, Richie was able to make just the right adjustments with his knowledge, keen eye and TrackMan and had me custom fitted in about 30 minutes.

The results I achieved were amazing. I was hitting my old driver about 190 yards and needing a really wide fairway to keep it in the short grass. When we finished, I was consistently hitting it 240 yards down the middle with a club head speed approaching 100 mph and a smash factor of 1.45. So, you tell me are those results worth it? I think so, it’s a lot easier to play from 60 yards further down the middle of the fairway instead of the left rough under a tree.

Granted all of this was measured from a simulator indoors but so were the results I was comparing to with my old driver. The true test will come when I get the new driver out on the course.

Waiting on the driver to be delivered will be the hardest part. Since this is a custom fitted club and it has to to through the Club Champion PURE Process, you don’t get to walk out the door with your driver the same day. I’m sure the wait will be worth it.   Look for a follow-up once I get the driver and get it out on the course…I can’t wait.

The Club Champion Fitting Process…

Initial Consultation – Discuss your current equipment, playing history and performance goals.

Measure and Evaluate – Determine baseline statistics, including ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, dispersion, smash factor, on state-of-the art PGA Tour recognized TrackMan launch monitor.

Test Club Head / Shaft Combinations – Iterative, interactive and education process with a certified fitter to test shaft and head combinations to dial in the right prescription.

Determine Best Equipment Combination for Maximum Results:

Shaft – weight, length, flex, kick-post and material
Club Head – Design, forgiveness, loft and visual appeal
Grip – Texture, size and customer preference

Present Results and Recommendations – Present equipment recommendations

Building and Deliver of Clubs – All equipment individually hand-crafted to exact specifications as determined in fitting process

To be continued (after I have played a round with my new Driver)…

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