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PURE Grips – Could be the Answer to Lowering Your Score

Golf is a sport that heavily relies on equipment, with professional players and many amateurs having customized clubs to suit their individual needs. The intricacies of the game demand the utmost comfort for players to perform at their best.

When compared to other parts of the golf club, like the shaft or the head, you may not think the golf grip is not as significant. The distance and accuracy of your shots can’t be directly affected by your golf grip…or can it?

During the swing, the grip is your only contact with the club. A poor grip may result in your hands slipping, resulting in shots going astray. Your swing may be fine, but the grip is the reason for the errant shots.

Selecting a grip that is the right size for your hands, offers excellent traction, and feels comfortable to hold is crucial. You want to have confidence in your grip when it’s time to hit a shot under pressure.

As most golfers are aware negative thoughts on the course can kill a good golf game. With a comfortable grip, at least you can think positively about your connection with the golf club.

When you pick up a club fitted with a PURE DTX Grip, you immediately notice that it is unlike any other grip you have ever experienced. It’s difficult to put into words, but holding it has an undeniable sensation of comfort and satisfaction. The feel is exceptional; it has the right amount of tackiness and softness. It just feels good and just fits your hands.


PURE GRIPS  – Made in the USA

The PURE DTX golf grip will let you experience the feel without any discomfort. This grip boasts a dual texture that provides optimum performance and control with every golf swing. Combining the PURE Tack rubber compound technology with a heavy contrasting texture, the PURE DTX is designed to enhance your golfing experience.

A solid connection between you and the club gives you the confidence to swing without worrying about your hands slipping on the grip.

Additionally, these grips have fantastic traction. Even in wet weather conditions, you can be sure their performance won’t diminish. The last thing you want is your 9-iron coming loose and flying down the fairway. Playing in the rain, you won’t need to worry about that with this grip.

PURE DTX golf grips also promote a lighter grip pressure. Tension is disastrous for the golf swing and often comes from a tight grip. However, these grips encourage a lighter pressure when you grip the club and help remove the tension from your swing. Staying loose on the course is a great way to lower your scores.

PURE DTX Grip’s advanced technology makes for tapeless installation and changes that “old-school” tape and solvent paradigm. And the best part… you can head immediately to the course after installation because there is ZERO drying time.

PURE DTX Grips may be the answer to lowering your scores.

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