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Revo Sonic 2 Sunglasses: A Game-Changer for Music Lovers on the Golf Course

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the popularity of playing music while playing golf. Many golfers now bring portable Bluetooth speakers to the course, allowing them to listen to their favorite tunes while playing. Younger players, in particular, are often drawn to the idea of playing music on the course, as they view it as a way to make the game more fun and accessible. While there are certainly some who argue that music has no place on the golf course, the increasing popularity of this trend suggests that many players see it as a positive addition to their game.

So, how can you enjoy your tunes and at the same time not be distracting or disruptive to golfers who prefer the traditional, quiet atmosphere of the golf course?

The Answer: Revo Sonic 2 Sunglasses. These revolutionary sunglasses are a game-changer for music lovers on the golf course.

With the Revo Sonic 2 Sunglasses, you don’t need external speakers or headphones. The Bluetooth speakers in the frames’ temples let you listen to your music while being considerate and respectful of those around you. In addition to listening to your music, the Sonic 2 frame allows you to take calls on the go and track your health with the Revo app. Featuring RevoWhisper technology to cancel out ambient noise and enhance your speech for phone calls, you will be amazed at voice clarity.

Revo Sonic 2 Sunglasses

Revo Sonic 2 Sunglasses: A Game-Changer for Music Lovers on the Golf Course.

The directional stereo speakers also allow you to enjoy music on the move without interruption. Sonic 2’s unrivaled battery life gives you 11 hours of nonstop music or 8 hours of phone calls. This lightweight frame features easy magnetic charging- perfect for people on the go, temples with retainer cord capability, and adjustable end tips that can straighten or bend for optimal comfort.

“In many ways, Revo Sonic is the next wave of performance eyewear, and we couldn’t be happier about it,” said Revo’s CEO Cliff Robinson. “I am always on the go. Running, biking, tennis, skiing, and always walking…. And I like to talk with friends or take work calls or listen to music while on the go. I have been testing Sonic for well over a year now. It’s so liberating to talk or listen to music or podcasts without worrying about those annoying earbuds. Our unrivaled battery life means I can use my Sonic all day without worrying about charging.”

“We’re offering Sonic users a unique headphone-free sensory experience,” added Robinson. “Best of all, it all comes with our best-in-class lenses and all the Revo craftsmanship and quality you expect. They’re lightweight and durable, and I love that they are waterproof to sweat and rain. I won’t be returning to headphones (wire or wireless) ever again!”

Revo Sonic sunglasses are well-regarded for their exceptional performance on the golf course. These sunglasses are designed with the needs of golfers in mind and are engineered to deliver maximum visual clarity and protection from glare and harmful UV rays. The polarized lenses on the Sonic sunglasses effectively reduce glare from water, sand, and other reflective surfaces, which can improve accuracy and help golfers read greens more effectively. In addition, the lenses are scratch-resistant and offer 100% UV protection, making them a practical choice for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. The frames on the Sonic sunglasses are also engineered to be lightweight, durable, and comfortable, ensuring that they stay securely in place during swings and can withstand the rigors of regular use. Overall, the Revo Sonic sunglasses are a top-performing accessory for golfers looking to optimize their performance on the course.

Revo Sonic 2 Sunglasses are the answer to music on the course. The superior quality Revo lens, also known as “The Best Lens on Earth,” makes these glasses a must-have for any golfer who wants to enjoy music on the course and protect their eyes from harmful UV Rays at the same time!

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