Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Bag

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Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Bag: Everything you Need to Know

Having the right equipment is essential to having a great golf game. That’s why choosing the right golf bag to fit your needs is important. If you’re looking for a bag with plenty of storage, easy access to golf clubs, and great features—the Sun Mountain C-130 Bag has it all. Read on for an overview of this popular golf bag and discover why it may be the perfect addition to your golf gear!

Overview of the Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Bag

The Sun Mountain C-130 Bag is among the most popular and well-reviewed golf bags. Its primary design is for cart use, but there is also a stand-bag version for those who prefer walking. In either case, you will find plenty of storage and all of the features you need to organize and protect your clubs.

This bag has features that will make carrying your clubs and gear a breeze. Regarding style, the C-130 has a modern look and is available in several colors. And because Sun Mountain makes it, you know it’s built to last.

Features of the Bag


Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Bag in Black-Nickel-Red

Regarding golf bags, the C-130 is in a class of its own. This bag has all the features that serious golfers need and want:

  • Fourteen individual club dividers, including a dedicated putter compartment, run the full length of the bag to protect clubs and prevent the migration of club shafts.
  • Thirteen pockets include two full-length apparel pockets; a ventilated cooler pocket; a velour-lined rangefinder pocket with magnetic closure; and two additional velour-lined pockets, one of which is water-resistant.
  • The Smart Strap System attaches the bag to a riding cart with two Velcro straps, stopping the bag from twisting and preventing the cart’s straps from interfering with pocket usage.
  • The cart strap pass-through assures full access to pockets when the bag is strapped to a cart.
  • Matching rain hood included.

In addition to all these great features, the C-130 is also stylish and comes in various colors.

Final Thoughts on the Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Bag

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line golf bag that will keep your clubs organized and protected on the course? Look no further than the C-130 Golf Bag. This premium bag offers a range of features designed to enhance your golfing experience, including 14 full-length club dividers, multiple pockets for storing accessories and personal items, and durable construction that can withstand regular use.

When it comes to golf bags, the Sun Mountain C-130 is in a class of its own. Its exceptional quality, innovative design, and unbeatable value make it the perfect choice.

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