GOLFTEC Teams Up with Underrated Golf Tour

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The world of golf is about to get a major assist in its mission to cultivate the next generation of stars. GOLFTEC, the industry leader in golf improvement, has joined forces with Stephen Curry’s innovative UNDERRATED Golf Tour as the tour’s official instruction partner. This exciting partnership promises to bring cutting-edge technology and expert guidance directly to aspiring young golfers.

UNDERRATED Golf is a purpose-driven business endeavor with the overarching commitment to providing equity, access, and opportunity to student-athletes from every community by balancing participation in the sport to truly reflect our society. They are dedicated to creating opportunities for young athletes who might not otherwise have access to the sport and related skills. UNDERRATED Golf collaborates with corporate partners and sponsors to offer training, equipment, networking events, and more. By partnering with GOLFTEC, the organization aims to advance its mission to nurture and develop the next generation of golf talent through exceptional instruction and cutting-edge technology.

During each event, young golfers will have the opportunity to receive expert coaching from GOLFTEC utilizing OptiMotion swing analysis. OptiMotion is a wireless and sensorless motion-capture technology driven by a proprietary AI model. It measures 15 specific joint centers within the body and captures over 4,000 data points in every swing. This technology provides personalized insights to help aspiring athletes improve their technique and enhance their game. GOLFTEC’s presence ensures that each participant receives professional-grade feedback, contributing to their improvement and confidence on the course.

“We are incredibly humbled to be a part of such a meaningful initiative,” said Chris Koske, Senior Vice President of Marketing at GOLFTEC. “Partnering with the UNDERRATED Golf Tour aligns perfectly with our mission to make golf more accessible and to help every golfer improve. By leveraging our innovative OptiMotion technology, we hope to inspire and support the next generation of golfers, ensuring they have the tools and opportunities to succeed.”

The 2024 UNDERRATED Golf Tour will visit different locations across the United States, providing young golfers with competitive play and developmental opportunities. GOLFTEC’s participation will add a new dimension to the tour, enriching the participants’ overall experience and helping break down barriers in the sport.

A Winning Combination: Empowering Young Golfers

The synergy between UNDERRATED Golf Tour and GOLFTEC is undeniable. The tour’s commitment to inclusivity aligns perfectly with GOLFTEC’s mission of making golf improvement accessible to everyone. GOLFTEC coaches can offer these young players invaluable insights into their swings using the advanced OptiMotion technology through their on-site presence at UNDERRATED Golf Tour events.

“It’s great to have GOLFTEC as one of the partners of the UNDERRATED Golf Tour,” said Jason Richards, Athletic Operations Director of UNDERRATED. “Their expertise and technology will be a great added experience for the players on the Tour, and we’re looking forward to seeing where we can take this relationship in the future.”

UNDERRATED Golf Tour: A Brighter Future for Golf

The collaboration between UNDERRATED Golf Tour and GOLFTEC is a significant development for the future of golf. By providing young players with access to world-class instruction and mentorship opportunities, this partnership has the potential to nurture a generation of talented and diverse golfers.

This initiative empowers individual players and injects a much-needed dose of inclusivity into the sport. With its focus on “Equity, Access, and Opportunity,” the UNDERRATED Golf Tour, backed by GOLFTEC’s expertise, is poised to make golf a more welcoming and exciting space for everyone.

As the UNDERRATED Golf Tour continues its journey across the country, young golfers will have the chance to compete and learn from the best in the business. This partnership is a win-win for the sport, paving the way for a brighter and more inclusive future for golf.

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